Hives after total Hysterectomy

Hi just wondered if anyone else had experienced outbreaks of hives which appear on different parts of the body and then disappear and appear elsewhere - ranging from small to very large welts that are extremely itchy - this has only started to happen since I had a total hysterectomy on the 7th Nov 2016. I have had them every day to a certain extent. Haven't been to doctors yet as wanted to do more research as to why as I know it can e associated with auto immune system and stress on the body.

Any advice on how to control it or why it is happening - nothing else has changed - would be gratefully received. I am hoping it will run its course.

many thanks Cathy

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I experienced urticaria Pigmentosa 4 year after hysterectomy also allergy to some products th urticaria has disappeared after 20 year leaving marks to my skin but I still have the allergys . Also I have now dry eyes and dry skin I had puva treatment for my skin years ago for the urticaria pigmentosa Through a hospital consultant.


I would suspect stress from surgery and also possibly huge hormonal disruption which in my experience plays havoc with my skin. Good luck with your research x


Thanks - I also suspect hormones and going into menopause + surgery. But has now been nearly 2 months and regular antihistamines are not really working. Have heard that l-theanine might help so am going to give it a try. Apparently, it calms the nerves, helps with sleep, and can help calm down skin reactions. So here's hoping.


Good luck x


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