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Face problem for 2months

Hello, i am hoping someone could help me. For two months i have had this rash around my chin and uperlip with mini painles blisters an crust. I went to the doctors an was given antibiotics for two week course..she said it was a skin infection, the dry yellow crust got worse then stopped but the rash has spread under my eye and nose. I keep getting this every year but no where near as bad as this time. I dont put creams or make up or suncream. I am from the uk but living in nz for 2more weeks before going to america so dont have time for tests. I could go to the doctors for the 3rd time but it costs $70 each time :( can anyone shed light on this?

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It wont let me upload a photo, i can email them


Hi Skydream, it's always sucky when it's on your face isn't it!

Could it be a herpes virus? Have a look on google images for herpes simplex, zoster, or eczema herpeticum. Some over the counter antiviral cream might help (it's called Zovirax in the uk) but make sure not to get it near your eyes. The doctor would be able to give you an oral treatment (aviclor)

Otherwise - maybe a food allergy? Do antihistamines help?

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. Nat x


Hi nato thanks for the reply. I googled all of your suggestions an lookong at the pictures it doesnt look like what ive got an the doctors was certain its not herpes an is a skin infection except 3weeks since iv finished antibiotics its not got better an its a little irritaing under the eye


Chemists are the best bet....spend more time qualifying than a doctor but are up to date with what medicines are or aren't available without prescription....Chemist first, every time.


Thanks for the reply brian i went to the chemist an he didnt know and suggested that i keep goong to the doctors and try differemt antibiotics


Dear skydream what a merrygoround you are on......for all face skin problems I go very cautiously specially round eyes but have found that the following is safe for me and works. Take a bland cream base (I use aqueous cream but I know some folk are sensitive to it) in a 100ml heat sterilised jsr with 5 drops lavender and 5 drops tea tree oil per 100 ml cream, stir lots with sterilised spoon. The lavender sooths and cools and the tea tree clears infections both bacterial and fungal. Try a tiny patch behind ear first for sensitivity and good luck. Use teeny amounts on very clean fingers to apply, maybe morning, midday, night time xx


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