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Small red dots scattered on shoulders, torso, and legs

So I think this is petechiae, but I can't be sure. They're small, spaced out, not raised or infected. They appear to be faintly red, but the photo makes them look like the color of a freckle. When I press a glass on them, they become faint but still visible.

I went to a theme park on the 15th, today is the 29th for reference, and while I didn't notice them then, I have reason to believe they are the result of the roller coasters. I can't really say for certain if they're fresh or not, but they don't look bright red really, and I haven't noticed them up until a few days ago.

That said, I also did some lawn work last weekend, and accidentally stuck myself with an insulin hypo after administering it to my neighbor's cat. I was told there's no risk or worry about the insulin or the cat DNA, but I figured I'd toss it in just in case. It stuck my finger, and burned for a bit due to the acidity I imagine. I let it bleed for a few seconds with pressure applied then rinsed and forgot about it.

The spots are super tiny, and not really concentrated in any one particular spot. Very spread out and vary in size. I have maybe a few under my eyes, several on my neck and shoulder line, on my left and right flanks, and all over my legs, with the largest on my entire body being in the thighs.

I do work out about 3-4 times a week, but I was on bed rest for about a week or a little more due to lower back pain. I have not consulted a doctor aside from the free "ask a doctor" sites which are normally someone just googling your concerns. They suggested it was petechiae from working out, but I've been going to the gym for years and never had anything this spread out. For what it's worth, I've since cut myself or scratched myself on accident and while the wound(s) have bled, they eventually clot and stop bleeding, and I'm also not bleeding from my orifices so I don't think this is a blood or platelet disease.

I wish I could add more pictures, but I selected the one that shows them the best I believe.

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Sorry I haven't heard of this condition, but in appearance it looks like an allergic reaction to something in your system. You could try seeing a pharmacist in the first instance.


Yeah it's extremely unusual, but I was told if I'm clotting wounds fine, and it's not pooling under the skin, which is seems to have stopped at whatever pace it started as these are tiny tiny dots, then it's likely burst capillaries from sudden trauma, jolt, or impact. Only thing I can think of is the excessive rollercoaster riding I did a few weeks ago. I'll wait a while, see what happens, but I doubt it's anything serious.


Hi, it looks similar to what my partner had some years ago. He started with tiny dots on his leg which we thought was a rash of some kind but a urine test and blood tests revealed it was Henoch-schonlein purpora. If you Google it you will see photos of large rashes buty partner had tiny red pinpricks. He is fine now, but they kept a check on his kidneys for a while. I would see your doctor and just get it checked out, just to put your mind at rest.


Might be, but there's no spots on my butt, no swelling in the joints, no abdominal discomfort or vomiting, no sub-dermal fluid collecting in the hands or genitals, and I'm not within the right age range. The spots aren't that concentrated either. One of the symptoms of HSP is vasculitis which is why our cases might be similar. Mine appear to be fading already. Vasculitis is a symptom in many different types of disorders, and trauma. Without the other symptoms, it seems unlikely.


Just to update you, the small dots are disappearing. No further dots have appeared, and it doesn't appear to be anything more than an allergic reaction or stress/strain/trauma.


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