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Little red dots every where


Hi there i’ve had tiny red dots over my skin, Mostly upper body Everywhere.. don’t know what they are have had them forever

i’m just wondering what they are

when you press on them the come back to the bright red colour

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Do they fade when you press them with a glass? Or do they remain unchanged?

they fade away, when i touch them :)

Go to a dermatologist and get them checked out. Because they've been there so long it's extremely unlikely they're anything major. It looks as though they're more likely to be a reaction to something. But that would also mean they charged in some way and you don't seem to be describing that. Things like that can have also been the result of a medication you were at some point taking or a reaction to hormone fluctuation of some description.

Ah, they fade away then come back to how they were, i did have a allergic reaction to cyclozine but they’ve been there for longer then that x

I'd go to a dermatologist. But I'd also look carefully at diet and products applied externally to make sure it's not something you can just avoid. Make sure there's no mold or water damage in your home or workplace, that can cause many adverse health effects and skin complaints are common, especially micro haemorrhages.

Hi SunflowerWarrior - I have the same thing! Did you get an answer?

I have not as of yet :( the doctors arent fussed with anything i say tbh! x

sorry to hear that. do you have any other health issues or diagnosis concurrently?

I am being investigated for POTS, HEDS, and FIBRO x

They could be liver spots, nothing to do with the function of your liver, just a term that's used, and the sun can maybe produce more, if they are them nothing to worry about though, I have loads on my upper body, and unfortunately they get slightly bigger as you get older as your skin doesn't have the same elasticity,but you can always check with your doctor, thanks.

i have had my gallbladder removed too, i had gallstones x

and thank you x

oh okay! may i ask your age for context? i'm wondering if it's hormonal - estrogen and vit e deficiency. mold allergy, some other allergy or autoimmune.

what's HEDS excuse my ignorance...also i have major food allergies. i'm gluten free and dairy free.

Thats okay, Ehlers danlos syndrome- Hypermobile x

Joint pains, Flexibility, Dislocations, Vitamin D difficicany, chronic pain, chronic fatigue x

sounds VERYYYYYYY similar to me! I found vitamin D and going gluten-free and dairy-free completely removed my chronic fatigue. I am NOT saying it's a cure, i'm not that stupid. But if it could at all possibly help anyone else in any way, worth a shot, right?

i get a righ shoulder issue. it's like it dislocates now and then and i get crazy pain. but then i have months with no pain at all. everything improved a lot after diet changes. i would also say good bacteria has helped me - acidophilus.

and I have IBS x

do us a favour and let us know how you get on with results ok?

I know this has been a while since it was posted but have you learned of a way to prevent this from getting worse? or anyway to get rid of them? I have hundreds all over my body and they are getting worse.

Mine haven't gone away and just keep multiplying. I have thousands. Are you on any meds?

I have had these for years... maybe around 12ish years. Ive been on asthma inhalers my whole life and have recently stopped Zoloft (on that for 4 years). These red dots went insane when I was pregnant with my second child and haven’t stopped. I just had a biopsy done and they confirmed they are cherry angiomas but no reason as to why I have SO MANY at my age. I’m only 30.

Please one image

What did you said your doc.? I have litle spots like yours?

Hello. Can we please get an update? Hope you went to the docs and they said something.

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