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Red face

Have during the past 5-6 years had problems with the skin on my face and neck being red. Looks like I am sun burnt except that it never turns into a real tan. Its an even red color only on my face and neck. It does not hurt but it looks odd.

I think it started during a period when I did testosterone replacement therapy but I have stopped that therapy many years ago and my face is still red.

A doctor have suggested that me being a smoker probably contributes but I only smoke at the most five cigarettes a day so I have a hard time believing that theory...

Any suggestions on what might be causing this?


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Hi JP. sorry you are dealing with this. I have a recommendation for something that can help get rid of it if you’d like to msg me !


I have the same problem can I message you too?


of course


I've been diagnosed with Rosacea sounds just like it .Ask for a referral to see a dermatologist it needs treatment

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Can I message you as well


Of course 💕


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