Itchy red patches

For over 2 years have had recurrent itchy red patches on my chest, hip and stomach. Have tried various anti-histamines, anti allergy bedding, steroid creams etc which relieve symptoms during day, but it comes back in the evening and worse at night. Any help appreciated.

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  • Snap! I am almost at wits end. I have had eczema all my life mainly on my hands and legs and treated with emollients and occasional corticosteroids. But for last few months my arms including under arms, trunk front and back, neck, hips, thighs, actually all over. In the morning it doesnt look or feel too bad but by the time I am heading for bed it is driving me mad. It's a problem if I go to the GP in the morning as it doesn't give an accurate picture. Using lots of Doublebase! And Eumovate on worst bits.

    Good luck xx

  • Could it be Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH), very itchy rash presented with blisters and linked to Coeliac Disease. My son has recently had an endoscopy for Coeliac Disease and since then I have made our house completely gluten free. Although he didn't have DH he has had acne which cleared in 3 weeks on gluten free diet.

  • Thanks for both replies Tiera but I don't have blisters, the rash is similar in appearance to bad sunburn. Actually since my post it has improved a lot. I am awaiting results of blood test for allergies, depleted vitamin b12, diabetes or lack of iron, so we'll see what comes of that

  • My husband has a very itchy eczema on his hands which cleared on gluten free diet. He has had to go back to eating gluten before being tested for Coeliac Disease and the eczema is back. It is advised that you don't go gluten free before going to the doctor and being tested because you might get a false negative result but when my son's doctors, GPs and paediatricians, were adamant he didn't have Coeliac Disease I tried him on a gluten free diet anyway. Most GPs don't know much about Coeliac Disease and definately not a out DH.

  • There are some illness / disease that can NOT be cured or managed well by conventional medicines. Unless it is bacterial / viral disease, homeopathy can often treat these types of skin conditions well. Unfortunately homeopathy can be sometimes hit-and-miss, but it is worth trying, there is no harm, it merely has side effects and fairly cheap. I have seen some people managed to get rid of these skin conditions well using homeopathy and for some - it did not work that well. If I were you, I would have at least tried homeopathy, it may take a few months but it can actually cure (not "manage" by using Corticosteroids). The only issue is - the homeopathy doctor has to be experienced and probably renowned. The selection of medicine, timing and dose are vital. I am no way associated with homeopathy but several of my friends have been treated successfully. It is also possible to get free prescription (name of medicines and instructions) in some forum, example:

    You can purchase medicines from Helios / Ainsworths / Nelsons via post or visiting their shop in London. You can call them directly and they will post you the medicine. They can supply pretty much all types - if not in stock they can prepare.

    Once again, I would like to stress the point that I am not associated with any homeopathy forum or organisation - just wanted to suggest a second option since going to GP does not help much. GPs can actually refer patients to NHS homeopathy department - so again worth asking for it.

  • the proskins excema is supposed to be great?

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