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Allergic contact dermatitis

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I was misdiagnosed with eczema, and now i am told, and i believe i have allergic contact dermatitis. Mmy condition is found all over my ankels and feet. It's an exact outline of my work boots, which would be the cause of the ACD. I'm allergic to my work boots! The most important part of my quirk uniform. I need to find some hypoalleegenic work boots but have come up empty in my search. DOES Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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Do you have a human resources/personnel dept that could help with this, there ought to be someone in the company you could ask for help as it's a work related issue, good luck

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Thanks for your reply. I work for a family business, no human resources department. They don't know what to do. My only hope is that they give me a promotion where i won't have to wear boots. Haha. Wishful thinking.

Are they just cheap unbranded ones? Chemicals they use in some cheaper fabrics can cause rashes.

Maybe buy some expensive branded ones.

I did a quick google search and found someone with a similar issue:

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thank you for taking your time to respond and do some research. It sounds like that guy might have ACD and he doesn't even know it. Dead give away that he got a rash on his butt from his wallet. His wallet was probably leather. The dyes used on leather are what causes the rash and that's what he and i are allergic to. As the sweat hits the leather it releases the toxins. I've never tried gold bond or anything like that. It might help, but it would be a temporary fix until i get rid of the allergic component In my boots. Vegetable tanned leather does not have the toxic components found in other leathers. That is what I'm looking for. Thanks again for your response

You were not really misdiagnosed as the problems caused by allergic contact dermatitis are the same as the problems caused by eczema! Inflamed, red, itchy skin than can crust, weep and generally degrade and that you want to scratch even though you know you shouldn't.

Good luck with getting work boots that don't cause you these problems.

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I love to itch it. Feels sooo good. I'll itch and itch til i bleed!

The cause of eczema and the cause of ACD are different. ACD is caused by an outer source, where eczema is caused by an internal source. The results from the two are the same. Like you said: inflamed, red, itchy, crusty, weepy, and degrading.

Thank you for your input!

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