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Some Redness areas on face

I have suffered with red (it's not patches) but some redness on both sides of my mouth, starting from jaw line upto above my nostril like a line, plus some redness both sides next to my nose, also redness below my cheek bone on both sides! Now I went to the Doctor plenty of times and they gave me a Steroid cream, but that made it worse, the redness seems to flare up once a month, but it's still there even so. I have had it for about seven years! It came about when I had a lot of stress in my family, I do suffer with stress/depression mildly! What would you suggest? I am going back to see my new Doctor in a couple of weeks, so hopefully he will prescribe something better! The only way I feel confident is when I cover it up with foundation, yet that makes my skin dry.

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I am sorry to hear about your struggle. Are you using a moisturiser at all? If so is it non-allergenic? I get odd red patches on my face. I moisturise whole face and neck first, then about 20 minutes later apply 1% hydrocortisone very lightly to the red patches. This seems to sort things out for a while.


If you are unsure I would recommend you ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist. If it is rosacea a friend of mine swears by proskin rosacea. I recommended mama nature to her and she keeps thanking me for it.


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