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Abscess packing

Hi, I recently had a pilonidal abscess removed, which I have been told is very unusual in a non-hairy normal weight female.

Unfortunately although the surgery worked I have had another abscess for much higher up, which has burst for the second time in 2 weeks. I am now having this packed, but want to know is it normal to go 7 days before having the packing changed, as I was lead to believe it needed to be every 24-48hrs.

Any advice would be great as the whole situation is really starting to get me down, plus I'm a due to go on holiday in 5 weeks and really don't want to be still dealing with this..

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Sorry, don't know the answer but you poor thing. Hope all goes well before your holiday.


Sorry to hear about the difficult time you are having, you could check back with your GP or practice nurse that they have the time interval right as I agree that 7 days seems a long time!


Hi i am currently suffering from the same thing and have done in the past. I was always to believe that the dressing should be changed at least daily and kept clean and dry. It is a right pain in the bum (excuse the pun) as healing times vary from person to person. Although with good care and treatment it will get better. Hope you are better in the near future. 👍


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