Update on eczema re light treatment etc

I felt like I was being zapped in a microwave! Ping, treatment over! 4-5 weeks of 3 times a week treatment, starting from 28 seconds and working up to about 2 minutes.

I could feel a difference with my skin as it seemed stronger whilst having the treatment and I followed instructions to continue with the steroid creams for the first couple of weeks then try and ease off them as the light treatment kicked in and started to work.

Unfortunately, it did not work and every time I tried to ease off the cream the eczema came back with a vengeance. I gave a silent prayer every time I went into the 'capsule' and was zapped and the nurses were very good and gave encouragement but as the time went on I became more disillusioned and more depressed.

On my final zapping day before my holiday I just broke down and sobbed as my eczema had started to break out round my eyes and I was despairing. Fortunately, the nurse on duty that day was the one that had seen me and taken notice those weeks before and she understood exactly how I felt. She could see the treatment wasn't working and also said that last time she'd seen me she had seen me at the end of my tether and now still more so.

We're now going to move on with the cyclosporin (from Wednesday). I've had my holiday and struggled through (some days good, some days bad) and although no better at least I have the new treatment to be positive about. I understand I will not be able to go out in the sun, but that's ok I've just had my sun fix! And anyway not much hope of any sun in the UK is there?

Will keep you posted!

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  • I have Psoriasis and it has been a long road to find the right treatment for me. I am now on Ciclosporine and have a very good result. Two tip's, it can increase cholesterol so cut fat out now if you can and grapefruit juice is a no-no for us. As for the sun.......go for the pale but interesting look. Fingers crossed that it works for you, I started on 200mg per day ( taken in two doses ) its been eight weeks now and I am on 150mg a day! It's still working.

    Let me know how you get on.


  • That is really good to hear Jane. I know it's only a temporary measure and I think they're putting me on it more for 'respite' than anything else but quite frankly it's better than jumping off a bridge!

    Interesting re the cholesterol and grapefruit and will start cutting that out of my diet. As for the sun thing, that's easy because I've just got my tan from holiday last week . I'd also heard that another side effect was kidney damage and I know it is only a temporary thing until they put me onto something else (they've mentioned a couple of drugs that work same way as steroid tablets without the side effects).

    Thanks again Jane

  • hi dear max,

    i too was suffering from eczema (cronic) for the last 13-15 years. Just one month back i took spirulina from a company as a food suppliment. and to my surprise my 15 yrs old eczema got cured automatically as it had antiallergic qualities also. So why not to try it once with a one more product called curcumine.

  • HiPraja

    Thanks for your message and will bear those drugs in mind.



  • Course of UVB (Whole body) diw woders for continuing numular excema on lower legs.

    and benefit lasted for over 2 years.. Could there be a link to Vitamin D ?

    Can't hurt to make sure you get enough Vit D - And oily fish - salmon , herring, makarel etc.

    Bet you never saw a Mermaid with excema?

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