Hi there,

I was diagnosed with rosacea last week and was prescribed brimonidine gel. My redness was over my nose and on my cheeks a little, with the occasional flushing.

However, since I started this gel i've been getting really bad flushing, my whole face, ears and neck flush so much they are burning hot and my face is scarlet, sometimes almost purple, it also stings.

I've stopped putting the gel on today, anyone else experienced this?


Teresa x

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  • Not hsed this gel but have had rosacea for 40 years. I visited a nutitionist who advisec me on my diet a d its cleared up completely and been like ghis for over a year. Chrck out on line the low inflammation diet as a start.

  • In my case my "rosacea" turned out to be an allergy to, I think, the SPF that's in pretty much every moisturiser & foundation these days. I've never been allergy-tested so I arrived at that conclusion through trial & error.

    It took me ages to find a moisturiser with a natural SPF in it (I have to wear at least SPF30), and I can only get it off the internet, but I've used it now for about 5 years & haven't had a problem since I switched to it.

    I also had to go gluten free for other reasons & think that might have helped a bit, but the moisturiser is what made by far the biggest difference.

    Sorry, I know you were asking about this particular gel & I've not helped you with that but I thought my experience might help.

  • Hi gfmum,

    Could you tell me what brand you use please as I've been looking for something myself, thanks Ros x

  • Hi Ros

    I'll send it you via private message, I don't want it to look like I'm advertising.



  • can men use it hun i think mines dermatitus though but got very dry skin at the side of my nose xx

  • Hi

    I don't see any reason why a man couldn't use it, I'll pm you.

  • Hi gfmum,

    I was diagnosed with Rosacea about 4 months ago but am not convinced. I suffer from IBS and have had to go on the low FOD - MAP diet. Can you give me the name of the moisturiser with the natural SPF please.

    Thank you


  • Hi gfmum

    Can you send me the brand of moisturiser too -



  • Will do!

  • Hi, I haven't used the gel myself, I've only been prescribed metrocream, but I've read of other experiences by people who have on the forum, they have numerous threads on Mirvaso (brimonidine) and I found an article about side effects here:

    It sounds like maybe you should refer back to the GP or dermatologist that prescribed it for you.

    I hope this helps and that things get better for you.

  • I had rosacea with acne for forty years, tried many different medications. Then I did some research about the demodex mite and asked my doctor to prescribe invermicine and have not had any problems for a year.

  • mirvaso or brimodine gel often results in results in rebound flushing...just not everyone seems to be able to tolerate it....have a look at for natural treatments

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