In need of professional help!!!

In need of professional help!!!

Hey guys, I've been dealing with a skin disease for the past couple of months, I've been to couple of skin specialists but they've all told me that my problem is due to stress and physiological difficulties. They've prescribed me some Corticosteroids injections and lotions, when I use them the spots go away but after a while they all come back and they even become more in number!!! I really need some help, can anyone tell me whats wrong with me ?!

Ps. The spots are appearing more on my genitals and I'm a guy!!! Thats why its kinda creeping me out!!!

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  • Would you consider a mild anti deppressants for a short while to help with the stress. Our body doesn't like it. Kep genital are clean, with soap like cuticura. Or simple. Lukewarm water. Pat gently dry. Very, very weak solution of tea tree oil, or tea tree cream. Use for a fortnight and see what happens stop immediately if worsens. Homeopathic remedy for skin complaints, google. Try not to worry sexual partner is not going to study your bits during sex. Have you been to walk in clinic to test for an std. They are usually very nice ,they will not embarres you.

    Try not to worry, it will pass. Good luck.

  • Hi there

    Thank you for your help, can It be lichen planus ?!

  • Nothing to add to posts above but I do hope you find a good solution x

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