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I have been using a proskin rosacea cream that my doctor advised me to use (she used it and said it worked wonders for her rosacea) and i think it has cured it. When i went bak to the doctor she couldnt belief the diffrence in my skin and sais there was no signis of any rosacea now. I asked why i had to buy it and she said it is because it is natural. I dont undestand this.

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I have always relied on foundation makeup all my life to cover rosacea. it is getting worse with broken veins an d blotches. ..can you buy this cream over the counter ??

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Hi, I got it on-line. I can't remember if it was from their website or Amazon. Hope this helps :)


I have worked in a dermatology unit in the past, and the consultants said that topical creams etc. don't work on rosacea you need an antibiotic called tetracycline. back in the eighties my mother had it on her face and it responded to tetracycline tablets very well.


If something is natural it means no funding is given to the pharmaceutical companies to test it, being natural it won't be available on prescription, :- (NHS).

Independent companies or individuals test it themselves, then when the product seems to work they get it approved so they can sell it in health shops or online etc.

Just be aware to read all of the gumph that comes with these things, to make sure you don't unknowingly mix a dangerous potion of these products with your medications.

Glad the cream has helped, and that it must be working well for the docs surprise of your new look, often better ingredients are used in natural products as they don't try to cost cut like the pharmaceutical companies do.

Take care natural is best anyway.👍


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