Red rash on neck, back and chest (no bumps)

Red rash on neck, back and chest (no bumps)

This rash is on the front and back of my neck and my chest. Its very red. Its not severely itchy but it can itch at times. Doctor taught it was folliculitus but after using the cream and antibiotics its only got worse and there was no spot or bumps to start with !! I think it could be dermatitis but it isn't really flakey (only when my beard grows). It has a warm feeling. Its very active along the split of my chest too. I've had it a few weeks and I'm pretty sure I've had it when I was younger. It tends to fade where its not noticeable unless you look really close and then it will flare really red and spread

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  • Could it be an allergic contact dermatitis linked to e.g. shampoo, body wash, laundry products? Manufacturers can change formulations so that a long used product can suddenly begin to cause problems.

  • Thanks for the reply. Ehm I mentioned that to my doctor me she said that because there is no real itch that she doesn't think its dermatitis. Its not flakey or dry. It kind of looks like its under the skin. So she prescribed antibiotics and topical antibiotics creams which inflamed it more. So I went back today and she prescribe a steroid cream and steroid tablets.. I must say the rash has reduced in colour significantly but I know when I stop taking the steroids it will come back .. PS: I have mild psoriasis and use steroids for that too which I'm now concerned about. I feel Im using too much steroids. I can't see my Derm until the end of April. I'm only 19 and its so frustrating with all these skin problems haha. I suffer with mild rosacea too.

  • Hi, in my experience GPs don't generally understand the extent of the variation in allergy symptoms. Try taking anti-histamines. I have found over-the-counter drugs like loratidine or cetirizine can have a remarkably fast effect on similar rashes. Good luck.

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