Acne on the back of my Head/Neck

Acne on the back of my Head/Neck

So ive had this bit of acne on the back of my head and neck for since I was about 18/19 years old.

I am now 26, my hairdresser noted out to me recently that the hair has stoped growing as much around this area and its probably due to this acne. Its quite concerning to be honest.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this or seen this before?


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I wonder if it could be folliculitis rather than acne? I don't know much about it but i do know it can affect hair growth. The only way to find out, as I'm sure you realise, is to get your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.

I hope you get a solution soon.


Mac2020 I hope that you're able to find others experiencing acne in a similar way that you are soon.

I'm wondering whether you might be willing to complete my questionnaire about the emotional experiences of having acne as an adult? For some people, acne can be a distressing experience and I'm hoping that this study will help inform the ways professionals respond to people who are distressed about it.

I posted more details about it at:


I have seen this on a television programme, tho much worse than yours.

I think it needs medical intervention as it does get worse slowly and this poor chap had lumps and bumps all over his head. A specialist clearedit for him but took ages.

If you have hadit since you was a late teen, why haven't you seen somebody before.

Yourhairdresser needs a big tip for pointing it out.

Good luck, go soon x


Hi Mac2020, I suffered from exactly the same condition for a similar amount of time as you - and at a similar age. It seemed to be never-ending and was very embarassing.

In the end, I asked my GP for a referal to the local hospital to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist put me on a very long course of mild antibiotics which cleared up the problem - eventually. As I remember, I was taking the antibiotics for a good number of months - I tablet a day. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the drug since it was a long time ago now. I would recommend the same course of action to you. Please persevere with the antibiotics! It does take a long time - but definitely worth it in the end. Hope this helps - and good luck!


Hey. Even I had allergic acne near my neckline. My friends suggested various lotions and creams and I tried almost everything but I was not satisfied with the results. As a last resort I had undergone an acne laser treatment ( ) as suggested by my dermatologist in Toronto. This treatment was quite effective but I’m not sure whether it will work out in your case. Better consult a dermatologist and get it treated before the problem gets worse.


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