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For the last couple of years I've had small, sometimes painful bumps on my scalp...what are they?

I noticed I was getting these bumps a couple of years ago, and since discovering the first I've had more pop up since. I've taken a few pictures and they seem to be skin coloured and about the size of a wart. Are they perhaps some kind of wart (hence why they are spreading?) I am a bit worried it is cancer, especially as they have started hurting lately. My scalp is quite sore and more tender than it used to be. The lumps don't seem to grow in size though, just in number. How likely is it that it's cancer? I have booked a doctor's appointment but I am really worried.

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I also have a couple of small lumps on my scalp about the size of a marble.

Showed them to my GP who was certain they were just small cysts and nothing to worry about.

Hope this helps a little.


Fingers crossed for benign random cysts x


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