Tracking down latex free household gloves?

Hi all has anyone managed to find a latex free household glove? I have worn Marigold gloves for washing dishes for years and have not had any significant problem. But if I try to wear them for a longer period (say 30 minutes for cleaning the bathroom or more general cleaning) they begin to irritate my skin. The wee leaflet that now comes inside the pack for Marigold gloves shows a latex free version but I have not been able to source it anywhere in a small size. I thought Boots might do their own version but had no luck with

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  • I would recommend wearing cotton gloves under them or getting non latex disposable gloves on line.

  • Sounds like a plan, thanks Auds83

  • Hi I have experienced problems for years and have an allergy to latex. I use Boots the chemist latex free rubber gloves. They are long lasting and non-irritating.

  • Thanks I'll try their site again, that sounds great

  • I agree with fairyhelper - I have used Boots own rubber gloves for years and I've never found any other kind to suit me. They have a nice soft dumur cotton lining. The only thing is you have to go to a main branch, the smaller Boots branches don't always stock them so I buy mine a few pairs at a time so I can never run out as I would be lost without them

  • The problem I'm having is finding the gloves in a small women's size. They sound really great so i've been in touch with Boots Customer Care about them..... watch this post!!

  • Just to keep you in touch Boots replied to say that currently gloves are not available in small size but that they are always willing to take customer's points of view on board to improve their service ........ nice, but not a lot of use in the present!

  • Hi Lovesradio, I have the opposite problem, my hands seem to be getting bigger and bigger with the steroids! I buy the Boots gloves which are the best around! They last for a long time, however, that doesn't help you.

    I bought some Spontex gloves the other day. I used to use them but they tended to stretch. They are now the opposite and I couldn't get my hands into them because they were so small. They are supposed to be 7-7and a half. Boots [medium size] are 8

    I don't think that the Spontex are as big as a size 7

    I also buy the latex free disposable gloves from :Lakeland

    I also found some Bizzy Bee [I think that was what they were called] latex free gloves in Sainsburys but they don't always have them and I can't remember whether they sold anything other than medium


    I have found the Bizzy Bee gloves, these are, as ever, medium but there is a manufacturer's address on this link

  • You are a star , thank you for this.

  • I notice that my Bizzy Bee gloves are size 8, so the smallest, are the Spontex [they are all called 'medium'!] Good luck!

  • Thank you, I e-mailed the supplier and am waiting for a response...... watch this space!

  • You can buy non latex household gloves from Lakeland either in store or online.

  • Thanks I managed to buy a pair on line and found they made no difference to my skin, so its not the latex that's the problem........

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