Hi, I have been getting numerous verrucas on my feet for nearly 2 years. I keep going and having them frozen off and then they return!

I have been having them frozen off regularly ie every 2-4 weeks and they go and then come back within weeks/a month. I am not using swimming pools or communal showers and am very careful with this but they keep coming back. Does anyone know another way to get rid of them once and for all?

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  • You must be picking them up from your home or shoes and slippers.

  • Do Auto-inoculation! Its got 70-80 % success rate in 1st sitting! :)

  • Thanks for the tip but how does one get that done?? :)

  • Its a routine procedure done by Dermatologists. Kindly check with your Dermatologist! :)

  • Will do!!! Many thanks :)

  • I called 3 dermatologist clinics but none of them new what I was talking about. Do you know the exact term to use as when I look up auto-inoculation on google it states that you, i.e. the person can pass the virus around his own body by touching it for example touching the verruca could spread the virus to the hand? Thanks

  • Hi josey100,

    Go to 'NHS Choices: Warts and Verrucas' for a list of treatment options & prevention tips. nhs.uk/Conditions/Impetigo/...

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