Advice needed on what skin condition I could have?

I have an appointment with a Doctor in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I'd really appreciate any thoughts on what my skin problems could be related to. Here are my symptoms and I have had them for quite a while now and many symptoms come and go.

-Itchy skin, especially the face, it feels like little hairs tickling my nostrils and hairline. Some random itches all over my body at times but strangely they only seem to occur at home most of the time and last week I was on holiday in Spain and I didn't itch at all.

-Hives. I get a couple of hives a day, mostly around my hairline but today had a big itchy one on my arm that lasted for an hour or so after I took an antihistimine.

- Hot, red cheeks and chest. My cheeks and chest can get red and hot any any time of the day whether i'm in or out eating or drinking or not, this has been getting more frequent over the past couple of months.

- Spider / Thread veins. I've a few on my face that I've had mostly for around 20 years and the past 5 years a cluster of spider and thread veins on my chest. I am aware of this symptom with liver problems so had a full liver function test 2 weeks ago and they were all normal. These veins also itch and make the chest look more flushed as they often feel hot when my face does. They are more noticable in the mornings and over the past couple of years as I have been on hot holidays where they may have got a bit too much sun they have got redder. If I take my top off then you can also see that the red area and veins are only along the line where the sun would have tanned me and there are none on any white areas. I did get a couple more little ones last week when I was in the 30 degree Spanish sun.

- Itchy, wet ears - I've had these for many years, the Doctor back then said it was due to either the weather or anxiety or both. I took antihistimines everyday for over 4 years to keep this under control but then I read that it is bad to take them all the time so came off them. Unfortunately, it took a long time for my body to get used to coming off them and I was itchy all the time so had to cut down slowly. This is when I also started getting alot more hives and itching.

I must also note that my skin is very sensitive and that it is also quite dry. I am also allergic to alot of things, and also to alot of make ups and perfumes.

I was starting to think maybe Rosacea as it runs on my Dad's side of the family but would be interested in any other thoughts too as there are so many conditions it could be.

thank you.

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You are having a really tough time of it and it may be that not all symptoms are same cause. I hope that the Doctor that you have an appt with will refer you to a dermatologist to get a proper assessment and diagnosis.

Good luck!

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I am surprised that you do not mention your diet. I would be surprised if your symptoms persist if you put yourself on a dairy and wheat free regime for a month.


Hi, I would recommend taking aloe vera gel orally every day, there is a cranberry and apple aloe which is particularly good for the skin. Also bee pollen tablets which are perfect for combating allergies. Both will provide you with an array of vitamins and minerals and the feeling of wellness. For info see or email for further advice.


Could be absolutely wrong.But do you have pets?

Is your home clean of dust?

Spotlessly may make a different. Give it a try, it worked for me in one of my home that had a brick wall in the lounge.

Good luck.

I. Also get the feeling that you may suffer from anxiety. If you do, a mild ant depressant may help try that for about six weeks. If you use bio washing powder change to non bio. Try not to be distressedaboutit.


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