DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic Porokeratosis

DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic Porokeratosis

I developed this rare in UK, skin problem many years ago. I cannot get any treatment for it apparently it's a cosmetics condition yet it can become malignant. It's red, scaly itchy and painful at times. I'm unable to spend time in the sun at all. It may not be life threatening but it's life changing. Anyone else here have this?

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  • I dont see how its 'cosmetic' if its itchy, painful and can become malignant..... if only one GP has used this term Id be asking for a second opinion.

    I don't have this though but I do have eczema issues with the sun, so I know exactly what you mean about life changing....Ive been stuck inside from March to October these last three years (its insane not even being able to go out to GP, to get groceries or use the Post Office).

    Nothing is very effective for the eczema either (not for me anyway) despite the claims of steroid creams etc.... I find its two weeks of no exposure to irritants to get it clear with or without.... (so a whole lot of toxic for no real benefit).

    Only thing I can think of to help is the ranges of UV stopping clothing, my issue is my face and Ive found covering up with gaiters, scarves etc works even though its very hot to do so in summer.

    There's a range I heard about only the other day that is supposed to get cooler the hotter you get....Columbia PFG Freezer Zero, I was looking at the gaiters which seem to be out of stock everywhere (but I noticed they do 'arms/sleeves' too).

  • Hi, thanks for replying . The risk of malignancy is only 1-2% and this it the reason it's classed as cosmetic. I have seen my GP on many occasions and have consulted 4 different dermatologists, 3 of whom were private so I had to pay which I was quite happy to do thinking I'd maybe get a more positive prognosis from them. I posted here because I know of no one else with this condition and would have loved to heard whether they'd had any success with treatment. It's a total waste of time going back to a doctor or dermatologist unless I have some useful treatment information. I am a member of a yahoo group for DSAP, everyone there is from USA, AUSTRALIA, and other areas of the world where the climate is usually hot. I'll keep researching

  • Hi, I came across this natural and organic skincare brand called MooGoo from Australia. It is especially created for various skin conditions. Products available in the UK from some shops and farmacies. I bought online. It helped a lot of people, and I hope many can benefit from their products. Check their website moogooskincare.co.uk/. All the best!

  • Thank you. I will look into this

  • I also have this condition, and have had it for over 25 years. The only treatment I've ever had is to burn each mark off with "dry ice". It's time consuming and you can only get a few done at the same time. The area then blisters, then heals. The marks don't disappear, they just lose their dry scaly appearance. I lived in Australia for a few years, which is where it started. It's so frustrating. Can't sit in the sun as it make it look awful. I gave up going to the doctors years ago. No amount of moisturiser helps. If any one knows of any other remedy I'd love to hear .

  • Hello Lakeyl. I have had a few frozen off but as you say it's time consuming and can be quite painful especially when the dermatologist freezes too deeply, which has happened to me leaving deep indentations in my skin. I have used many moisturisers but still those scaly areas remain. I have just ordered a cream called Moo Goo as suggested in an earlier reply to my post. If you are on Facebook there is a closed group on there of which I am a member together with a couple of hundred of other sufferers. It's called DSAP Institute and is very informative. Even if you don't want to try anything else it's a good group for support because we all know how you feel. Thanks for replying and good luck.

  • Sorry what is this?

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