idiopathic urticaria and Lupus SLE

In March I started getting severe allergic reactions to something unknown. Severe itching and a rash all over were the first symptoms. As the months go by the symptoms seem to change. In July I am now getting the rash and itches, but feeling ill, doubled over with cramps (despite it not being my period) and for the first time today I also vomited. The allergist said it was IU and seemed to blow it all off as common. Take 20mg certirizine and you will be fine. Not so! I can be laid out for several hours until things subside enough to function. It always starts in my throat. I feel this odd sensation, then my tongue and lips get a little swollen, start to itch, hands and feet feel a bit swollen, then it can be anything else added to the mix.

Anyone else suffer the same? It is autoimmune related apparently. There is no correlation to anything, happens at home, work, day, night, etc. I am really suffering and feel slave to it because I have no idea when it will happen. It tends to happen around my period, but also mid-month as well.

Thanks, Stace y

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  • Omg inadequate response by allergist me thinks! Can you find a specific support group for ther condition that might give you beter ideas for ways to get to grips with it? Good luck as it all sounds horrible.

  • Hi SWUK,

    Poor you! As lovesradio says, your allergist's response is inadequate.

    The swelling you are experiencing could be angioedema which can often accompany urticaria.

    It is also possible for urticaria to develop secondary to various autoimmune conditions, including SLE.

    If you haven't read it already, DermNet NZ provides some very detailed information on urticaria, and management and treatment options.

    Read more @

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