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Hi, I'm new on here, so please bear with me

I have had Psoriasis on my scalp for coming up 2 years now, and nothing my doc has prescribed has worked. Lately, I have had a few (initially) small very dry patches come upon my face. They have got bigger slowly, and my doc has said that it's Impetigo, and he's given me some cream for it (Fucidin). My problem now is that I have some really itchy patches coming up in my hairline, - are they the Psoriasis creeping there, or could it be the Impetigo? IfI scratch a piece off, it looks like bits of old wallpaper paste, - - daft I know, but tthat's the only way I can describe it ☺ Can anyone help me with this?

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Generalised pustular psoriasis was Previously known as impetigo

Hope that helps


I am rather interested in you probable causes for Psoriasis, if all that you listed are correct please explain the following.

I was born in 1953 and have had Psoriasis since birth and have had it ever since. I have tried all the different hocus locus potions and lotions and Nothing has made it disappear and it will not because it's an Auto immune disease. If you had researched properly you would have discovered this but you choose not to mention that as it does not fit what you are trying to tell us to purchase.

The worst thing any person with Ps can is to take items to increase your immune system as its in overdrive you need to dampen it down and you can only do that safely under the medical team.


Defo agree with Georje

If only that was possible but like Georje say's that's medical teams and even they struggle auto immune problems are a slipearly road one I wish I did not have to go down am sure along with load others


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