Why do my lips look like this? (peeling, chapped, cracked)

Why do my lips look like this? (peeling, chapped, cracked)

For as many years back as I remember my lips have been in a constant state of chapped, peeling, sore rough and cracked.

It's very embarrassing and ugly, i am in constant worry about how they look when im out and about.

I've tried all kinds of balms and remedies but nothing has helped much. I usually rub off the dead skin after a shower or when washing my face but when my lips dry I can feel bits of skin peeling, i have a bad habit of biting my lips when nervous which I know doesn't help.

I drink plenty of water each day and I only smoke occassionally.

I have done research for candida and exfoliative cheilitis but i dont think it's as severe as those things. Maybe I should get a proper candida test?

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  • This can be a bit unusual for tou as this is an ancient Ayurvedic method. Whatwe do here in India. The organic fresh cream from milk can be applied to lips at night time. And i am damn sure that will hrlp alot. So what you need to do to get organic fresh cream is-

    Get full cream milk

    Boil it

    Then let it cool down (make sure the container you put are using to boil and cool down shiuld be same and should not be disturbed at all once its taken off the flame.

    You will see a thin layer of cream on top of milk. Collect it and apply it.

    This is really tasty as well.

    And rest of the mlk can be used for other things. Try it, get tou lips done, kiss someone share the experience LoLzz

    Thanks :)

  • Sorry for the late reply! That sounds very amazing. I really like trying ancient remedies so ill definitely give it a try! 

    Thanks very much, very helpful and interesting!! :)  x

  • Hi Papajohns12, so many factors to consider! I'm not a doctor or have medical training but here's my 2 pence. Lips are constantly exposed to pretty harsh conditions - eating and drinking, changes in the weather and temperature. Whenever they get wet (very tempting to lick them to soften then if your cracked skin is hard and tight) this actually breaks down the skins ability to retain water. And as you've already pointed out, you are pretty hot on your hydration levels so you've got plenty of water in their that could evaporate out. Emollient creams and gels help to create and maintain this water proof layer, limiting the amount of water escaping.

    Another cause of dry skin is a lack of lipids (fats) as opposed to a lack of hydration. I'm not entirely sure why this causes flaking and dryness but something to do with cell creation and how robust they are to resist the breakdown...

    Cell creation is a great starting point so anything you can do promote healthy cell creation is going to give you a good foundation to prevent cracked lips. My personal choice for lip care at the moment a medical grade lanolin balm, petroleum/colour/fragrance free. Just makes them shiny, reduces the appearance of the dryness and cracking, and promotes repair and robust cells being created. You'll laugh when I tell you what it's called so PM me if you want to know. :)

    Hope this helps! xx

  • Thanks for the reply! Very informative and helpful. Sorry I forgot I made this post and haven't checked it for a while :p. Recently I've been forcing myself not to bite or lick and have been constantly applying blistex which has had a very good effect with keeping my lips moisturised and nice! I would still be interested in the name of that product though! :) x

  • Aww excellent, Sounds like you have got a handle on it. The weather has improved of late so that should help too.

    The product I have been using is a 100% medical grade lanolin product called... Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips. I love it! Been using it on a small patch of sunburn too. Soothed it brilliantly. Hope that brought a smile to your no longer chapped lips! Xx

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