Can someone tell me if this sounds like scabies?

For three years I've,been itching and have red spots that scab over. I have small brown spots that look like,freckles coming up all over by body. I,have lostmost if mg eyelashes and now my hair,is falling out in clumps. I have,no sensation in my genital,area and my urine output is greatly decreased. My nails have,thickened . I look ghastly.

my two daughters that live with me seem to be unaffected by any symptoms. I still worry incase I am contagious and am scared of infecting them.

does anyone thunk these symptoms sound like scabies? Am so,worried as my daughter's both have,skin contact in their jobs. I worry about,being responsible for an outbreak. I worry do much about my daughter's. They are so innocent and trust me and I couldn't live with myself if they get this and then pass it on,to their friends and boyfriend and then have to cope with the stigma. Does anyone know what this sounds like? Due to my depression I have been lazy about personal hygiene and cleaning house un last three years. Would this cause scabies? Or does it sound like it could be something else? Please help. Thank you

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  • Can you get to the doctor? A good doctor will know right off the bat.


    Hair falling out does not sound like scabies. Might be nutritional.

  • That is not scabies. If you had scabies for that length of time, they would be moving you around the room themselves. Scabies are a bit like miniature lice...if you look very carefully at the affected skin, in a good light, you will see the minute creatures moving. If it was, the cure is so simple. You have to remove all bedding you have used, towels tea towels, every item of clothing and put them in the wash. You then get a large bottle of head lice lotion, cotton wool and cover every single inch of your body in the solution..i mean every inch...missing nothing. You then have to wear something clean for 24 hours over the lotion and then go through the same routine again. After that, you are clear. If it does re-infect it is because someone else that you are in contact with, has them or you soft furnishings in your home is harbouring them....then the whole hose has to be fumigated. The same chemicals in head lice traditional treatment are used for dog and cat fleas too.

    Hope this has brought you up to scratch....oh, no, sorry.

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