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Itchy Skin!

Itchy Skin!

Hi, i have been battling itchy dry skin since i was a little girl seeing many specialists to try and solve the problem or at least help me manage it better but i haven't had any luck. I am still clueless as to what it is when it is present and what could be the cause. I know i have eczema and it has gotten really bad in the past, but over the recent years i have had other skin issues that have been very stressful for me as no specialist has been able to tell me what it is and to find a way of stopping it from irrupting.

At my worst it has been all over my hands, arms, stomach, and legs anywhere i could scratch. It has been extremely itchy and painful from over scratching areas causing sores.

I have added photos of a time i was pretty bad but not my worst (Arms)

And right now i am starting to get the skin problem again. They are pink circles on both of my wrists in similar places and increasing in size and spreading to other areas of my arms and wrists. I also get very itchy knuckles on one of my hands and at times they become extremely itchy. I sometimes get little spots that are itchy and at times they have had transparent liquid, they don't always have liquid.

Ive had many treatments as to having to take 10 pills a day and many different types of steroid creams which have helped at times and other times made it start to disappear but then the problem becoming much worse than before.

I would really like to finally find out what it is so that i can find a solution to stop it from appearing and if it does to be able to control it before it covers my body!

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Ask for a biopsy have you been tested for celiac disease it could be Dermatitis herpetiformis


The doctor today said that the ones on my wrists the photos below from now is eczema nummular


Oral antihistamines should reduce the itching, and possibly try a non-corticosteroid topical medication like tacrolimus (protopic)

I have itchy skin also and instead of soap I use Dermol 500.


i sometimes take antihistamine tablets but i don't see them really do anything for me i have tried different brands from 10mg to the stronger 20mg. Thank you for your comment


Have you ever been patch tested ? This can identify things your body reacts too.

I myself have an allergy to latex. I use dyprosalic ointment, epaderm ointment. For bathing I use QV and Dermol 500


I have begged for years in England to be tested and see a specialist but its almost imposible to get to see one. I haven't had any luck. Ive moved to Spain now see if i have better luck at getting the right tests done

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Have you tried to book privately for an intolerance food test? The skin reacts for intolerances on your body, it's part of our inmune system so it's trying to battle something. Dairy or gluten maybe??


I've had very similar looking rashes for the last 10 years or so and the maddening itching that goes with it. I saw a number of dermatologists, and have had a number of different diagnoses. The last doctor (who came well recommended) said 'I can't diagnose it without a biopsy. You don't have the right kind of lesions for a biopsy right now. Even if I did a biopsy, I may not be able to tell you what is wrong. In any case the treatment will be the same.'

He gave me an antihistamine: desloratidine (generic name), which helps with itching, and I take it daily. I have Various steroid creams/ lotions for different parts of my body (neck and face; hands; everywhere else). The topical steroids I used regularly initially, and now I use once in a while if I feel my skin going wrong again. He asked me to use a moisturiser daily; it contains aloe vera, calamine and liquid parafin. It has all helped a lot.

Finally I have to avoid sunlight. I am photosensitive, and if I am outside for too long, my rash will come back. I cover up, use sunblock, and take vitamin D supplements.

I haven't had anything more than a slight rash for over a year now. I treat it as soon as I feel it coming. Such a relief.

We have SLE in the family, and I think my skin problem is autoimmune related. I would love to have a name for the condition, but I am happy to have it under control. I hope this helps. Good luck.



My name is Yin. I'm sorry to hear about your skin condition. I've got another alternative which is much more natural for you and your body to take, which avoids taking pharmaceuticals. It also benefits your entire body while dealing with common skin conditions. I don't know if you've tried Aloe Vera, but it is a legendary natural medicine and superfood with many benefits, which will not be suggested or prescribed to you by the doctor. As your condition is personal to you, if you are interested and would like to discuss this more, and what I could possibly do for you (I have testimonials and research for proof as well as current clients). Please don't hesitate to email me on  But if there's anyway to get over this condition, I would like to try and find a natural way that won't give you side effects and will also help your overall health and wellbeing all at the same time. I hope to hear from you. 


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