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Private allergy testing


Dear all,

I’m new to this community so...hello :)

I wonder if anyone can give me advice in relation to my skin problem potentially allergy. I do not have known allergies (at least, nothing serious). However, since I was a kid, I always had weird itchiness (mostly on my face) and it looks like a mosquito bite and it itches. Then it usually only one or max 2 and that’s it. Happens when I eat chocolate or sometimes happens for no reason. The NHS does not want to do allergy test (I don’t know if it’s even an allergy) and I am wanting to go private. Does anyone know how it works? Or, does anyone have anything similar?Internet only gives me so dodgy clinics. Any help would be highly appreciated :) Thank you

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Hi Masyanya - I wish I could help, but I am not in the UK.. There IS an at home testing application you can try (actually a couple).. 1) Put a piece of food on your forearm, and cover it with a piece of gauze. Leave it for a few hours (not more than 12 probably), unless it starts burning or itching) and look at it. If it is red, itchy, etc, you have some level of allergy or sensitivity to it. The other method can be a little less safe if you really are allergic... Eliminate the food for a while and then try a small piece and make notes of reactions. But, like I said, that can be dangerous if you go into anaphylactic shock.. Check some of the allergy sites for more information..

I know there is a private allergy testing clinic in Glasgow so I think that is likely to be true of other major UK cities. Good luck x

Hi Masyanya, I was a nurse, but a very long time ago and skin conditions were not something I dealt with very much tbh. But I have been having private medical treatment at a BMI private hospital and it has been expensive. But if you want to go private they are legitimate, hospitals all over UK and wont rip you off. I have included a link to there allergy page. And they tell you of all costs up front.

Reading your post again, I used to get hot flushing on my face after eating chocolate and wondered if that was part of problem? Hope it works out okay for you, best wishes.

Hi Masyanya, I have looked at BMI allergy page again and it looks potentially very expensive. I think I would ask for a second opinion from NHS or can you see another Dr at your GPs?

I was happy with treatment at BMI hospital but has cost me in region of £3000!

I dont think allergy treatment would cost anything like that at all but wanted to warn you. Good luck.

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Hi Muirbabe, this is absolutely brilliant! Thanks very much for the info and links xxx

Hi Masyanya, you're very welcome and I hope everything woks out for you, best wishes!

Hi Masyanya, I keep forgetting to mention that to see a Consultant at a BMI hospital you normally need a referral letter from your GP which GPs are normally happy to provide. First appt with consultant normally costs about £200 or so.

I dont know your circumstances, but I still think the NHS should help you with this, just my humble opinion! There are often ways of getting more out of NHS if you know which avenues to go down. But whatever you do, hope it works out for you.

Hi, people have recommended using the BMI website and yes that can be expensive just for an initial consultation, mine was £180 - so if you request an allergy test then you'll have another appointment plus any other costs of testing on top of that.

Best thing to do is to ask if you can have the allergy test during your first consultation otherwise you'll end up paying more.

If the itching is only on your face it could well be something applied on your face so you must think back how far into your childhood this issue started occuring, e.g. if in your teens it could be a skincare product

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