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Hi everyone! I started a blog to help myself and others who have OCD. In the blog I am going to explain how I found out I had OCD, what my symptoms were, the therapy I went through, and how OCD changed my life. If you want to read or comment on my site about your own journey I would love to hear from you! Best of luck!



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Thanks for sharing. I hope you can keep pursuing your dream of becoming a Veterinarian. Get help for your OCD- it’s out there 👍

Thank you so much! I have done exposure therapy and am going to be explaining my experience with it on my blog. I'd love if you wanna comment on it and share you experiences with me as well!

I just wanted to say I am so thrilled to see someone from the vet community on here!! I have felt so alone in my illness. I was a vet tech for 16yrs. Head surgery tech/Euthanasia Tech/Clinic Manager at a shelter for 10yrs then spent 6yrs as surgery tech/senior tech in private practice. It was the end of my career in vet med when my OCD relapsed(even though i didn't understand it at the time). Its been over 2yrs since I left the field and I am still not myself and doubt I ever will be again. I was a very high functioning person and animals were my life and vet med was who I was. I would love to discuss so much with you and completely relate to alot of your issues. I have dealt with pretty much every zoonotic disease and contagious cat to cat, dog to dog and everything in between. Knowledge most definitely is not power for me. I struggle with being so knowledgeable that I was the person the vets would go to for opinions and advice because of all my experience. I'm not trying to be narcissistic but I just want to reiterate how hard ocd is for me because of this. Even owning animals currently is a constant struggle and trigger at times now. Sorry, I just started rambling. I found it hard to navigate your blog. Would love to know more!

Hello! Im so glad to hear from someone from the vet community as well! You are the first person I have talked with from the vet community who has dealt with what I'm going through as well. Thanks so much for commenting! I can relate to your situation so much. I definitely agree with you that knowledge can make this illness even worse! sometimes I wish I didn't know the things I do about germs! I would love to talk more with you and hear about your journey! I just started my blog and will be posting daily about what I went through and what I'm still going through so I'd love for you to join my page and comment there about your own life so we can help others who feel alone!

Hi. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in struggling to not be able to do the work that you enjoy and is meaningful to you due to the disorder. I was a preschool teacher for the better part of 20 years. I unhappily left the field 4 years ago, much of my departure was due to my ocd obsessions and fears. I can relate to the pain you must be feeling at missing a career that you were good at. I miss working with the kids and the activities that we did all the time. I think over the years I grew to be a pretty good teacher too. I just sought out help after keeping silent with my ocd disorder for 40 years (since I was around age 5). I see a therapist weekly and am working myself towards doing exposures. I don't know if I will get to the point that I can return to teaching, but I hope that I will and I have convinced myself now to fight for it. Keep the faith and don't give up the fight against the ocd monster! It sounds like you beat it earlier in life so you can do it again. Don't give up on your dream job that brings you happiness!

Hello! Thank you so much for your comment it really means a lot to know I'm not alone. Im so sorry that OCD caused you to have to leave a career you loved as well. It's a hard thing to do but we both know we had to do it for ourselves. We couldn't keep putting ourselves through torture everyday. Iv'e came to peace with it and I hope you have to that its okay if I have to go down a different path that's more healthy for me mentally. Maybe we will find something we love just as much or even more! Exposure therapy helped me more than I can put into words. I am so happy to hear that you are doing exposures to try and get better too. I know you mentioned your not a blogger but I would love for you to comment on some of my blog posts about your own journey and how you can relate. I would love to keep hearing about your journey!

I am not a blogger but I will definitely check it out. We have to support one another in our fight against the ocd monster.

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