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OC intrusive thoughts leading to physical symptoms, the worse being panic attack....


Do any of your intrusive thoughts, relating to obsessions ever lead you to panic? Or any other physical symptoms ? I'm having such a hard time thinking through these things trying to get through the anxiety but I sweat and get nauseous while trying to get through it. This is very hard.... Looking for some insight. Thank you all 😊

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I experience insomnia....and I tend to lose the will to eat even though i get really hungry, only able to focus on finding "proofs" against my intrusive thoughts. Rarely, I do experience symptoms of general anxiety disorders like breathlessness, tension in my head and pain in my stomach etc. From my understanding, while it's important to not give attention to intrusive thought, its also very important to simultaneously work on dealing with anxiety with practices like mindfulness.

Thank you. I am looking into mindfulness too.

Yes. We think and feel. I feel nautious and even dizzy. Sucks. It’s normal for anxiety.

I get panic attacks pretty often. They really suck. What works best for me are grounding techniques (similar to mindfulness) such as the following:- Find one thing in your surroundings for each color of the rainbow

- Just name everything you can see. Sometimes hearing your own voice can be grounding.

- Naming one thing you can see, one thing you can feel, one thing you can hear, and one thing you can smell

- Tense and then relax each of the muscles in your body, starting at your toes and making your way all the way to your head

I hope these help!

Thank you yes I will try those techniques.

I have in the past. The worst was terrible stomach butterflies. My doctor upped my lamictal and they were literally gone overnight. CBT works to a certain extent. Like you said it can be hell as you work through it which takes time. Getting the right medication combination has worked the best. I hope this helps. God bless.

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Thank you :)

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