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When OCD gets out of control


Hello everyone. I’ve had OCD all my life and depression with anxiety issues. Lately my OCD has gotten the best of me. I’m getting those intrusive thoughts and the rituals are affecting me. Those negative thoughts that I have to fight with the positive thoughts, it’s been a bit of a battle I must say. I’m currently on Zoloft, back again on it. I also take trintillex and resulti. I also use Xanax when I need to. Just wanted to know if anyone has any coping skills they use when the OCD has gotten out of control. I’ve tried meditation but it’s so hard to stick to. Thanks everyone. SAMSON

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I have been struggling with the same thing. For me, i have to give myself a little pep talk which helps sometimes to try and rationalize why the thought is just my head messing with me. Sometimes this could take a while to really diminish my anxiety about not doing a compulsion or getting rid of a thought, but i find its something that works in that moment

Thanks for your reply. I’ve never done that, I’m going to give it a try. Samson

I started back on Zolofts again I’m currently on 50mgs. In a few days going to 100s.

Hopefully with that it will help you better to deal with the constant back and forth in your head 😕

Thank you 😊

How long have you had OCD?

Since i was 9. I’m 25. Just started meds for the first time. How about you?

I’ve had OCD as far back as I can remember. I remember as a little boy going through all my compulsions. As I got older it got worse. I know when I get stressed it gets worse. I was on Zoloft a while back, but my Dr took me off of it and put me in Pritiq, which is good for depression but not for OCD.

Tell yourself, “ Yes it could happen maybe 1% but 99% it won’t. Laugh at it. Not being afraid of it will get rid of it. I am going to an ERP therapist and she’s teaching me that this breaks the cycle of doing rituals to make ourselves feel better. Don’t give it validity by doing that. If you say whatever if it happens it happens then the thoughts will eventually go away. I give the 1% chance to God and let him deal with it!

Are you seeing a good OCD therapist trained in ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention)? They can really help walk you through your thoughts and to slowly learn how to address them and then manage them. Medication alone usually doesn’t do it. Hang in there! You are not your thoughts.

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Thank you. I do see a psychotherapist and he does use cognitive behavioral therapy and ERP. I’ve always had OCD, but I’ve noticed that it’s coming on strong in the last few months. SAMSON

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I see a CBT therapist as well, I only see her once a week though! and I feel I need 2 sessions a week! I've been told to write a daily journal of my week and express my day and emotions in my diary which I did today.

I am not on any medication and scared to take another pill incase I have a tremor again. I can't have another side affect where I can't drive or work and it fucks up my mind!

I find when I am working and I get bored or my mind dwindles my mind will go back into the past and re-live other peoples problems and re-live my trauma from my stalking. It's so weird! I just can't stop it. Does anyone else get that with OCD?


Man I am and have been in the same place all my life and am struggling very bad right now also. I am 57 and have been on and off the same meds.most of my adult life. I think that the doctors I have seen eventually get frustrated and don't know what to do any longer. I can tell this when they start taking my suggestions for new meds instead of following some type of treatment plan or process for me to follow. That's when I usually start to look for a new doctor. No one has ever suggested animals can help us. I have greyhounds that I can turn to, I can go to the shelter and get alot from those animals. I am fortunate to have a lovely wife, princess, who has been there for me. Maybe you can find an animal next time you are struggling to get you through today! Johnny

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Interesting that you should say that. I’m in the process of adopting a dog. I love them, they love you unconditionally. No matter what kind of day they’ve had. SAMSON

So you have OCD and rituals you have every day but you are on medication? surely that would all stop you thinking constantly like that?

When I was on zoloft I was calm and relaxed and my mind just stopped thinking constantly in a circle. Then I thought wow I haven't had a bad thought for a day or so, I re-thought of that thought to see if anything would happen, then it was like a firework had switched on in my mind. I was trembling in the car I was shaking and it was dreadful! I vowed never to take it again! I think I had an allergic reaction to the drug.

What rituals do you have? and what are they? x

i tell myself that my brain is hiccupping which is really what it is and do let the meds do the work. it also helps to take yourself out to do somehting fun like roller skating or whatever you like.

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