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Anyone else had this happen?


Lately, I’ll be having a conversation, and think of something to say, even as simple as “I like that shirt that person was wearing”.... but sometimes you don’t always say what you’re thinking, especially if the conversation has switched gears. But lately my OCD will latch onto those ideas of things I had to say, and tell me I HAVE to say them or else I’ll get really anxious and have that familiar sense of urgency. It’s like my brain will get stuck on it, and have a fear that I’ll obsess over it unless I get all of my thoughts out. Interesting... I’m assuming its just a strange way OCD has tried to assert itself into my life, since it follows a similar pattern of OCD with that sense of “urgency”.

Or another similar example, I’ll be on Twitter or something and see a headline or a topic that I don’t know about, and think about looking into it. But sometimes you decide you don’t actually care about whatever it is because its something trivial (not even something anxiety provoking) and move on and continue looking through other posts. But, my brain will tell me I have to go back and look into it, because it’ll feel “unfinished” or something if I don’t. And I get that same urgency feeling I described in the above example. The topic could be something as silly as like, seeing the name of a hotel I’ve never heard of and wondering where it is, but not actually caring.

Anyone relate? I’m assuming this is just another way OCD is popping in? They’re not my main themes, just things I’ve noticed recently

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You described ocd way better then I could.

You have to tell yourself over and over again -




Perfect distillation of OCD: it is opportunistic and makes your brain latch onto an "available item" (even during moments you're not bothered with your "main issue") and may indicate that you do care about knowledge and exchange of ideas even if the particular piece is not important. Even your main issue may shift into something else over time.

If you have not yet, I urge you to seek behavioral therapy to learn how to resist the fears and as a result manage to calm the OCD anxiety.

disneyandme in reply to EBsDad

Perfect description!! Thanks so much for your comment. Thankfully I do have an OCD therapist who has helped me overcome the large majority of my OCD and keep it at bay! Funny how OCD will even latch onto “littler” things because it sees an available item!

Wow, this happens to me exactly! I can't ever put it into words. Another thing along the same lines is if I didn't hear or understand a word or phrase said in a movie or tv show. I can't keep watching until I figure it out or I get extremely anxious and panicked. Or when I see a beautiful scene on the computer screen and don't know where it is from I have to figure it out or look at the like what you see link to find out or I feel like something bad will happen. So strange how our ocd brains work😊

Okay wow. YES exactly! I have the same exact things happen. Comes and goes but has always been there my whole life and acts up more when my OCD/anxiety levels are higher. Never really connected the dots until now with these “smaller” things OCD demands!

Yes!!! I’ve never heard it described so well but I do that too, it’s so annoying

I do this sometimes too. I found that if I continue to go back, this behavior continues and gets worse. I HAVE to not go back .... at first it causes anxiety, but soon you will find out that it is gets easier.

Absolutely!! Thanks for the reminder!

I have a similar OCD thing of researching random topics that my brain latches onto. I spent a whole weekend once researching quantum physics and string theory when I was in eleventh grade. My therapist said it stems from my need to know and understand everything around me, as yet another attempt at controlling my environment.

Yep I can relate! My existential OCD makes me research everything I can about the meaning of life, religions, things like alchemy, etc. Anything to help me understand and have zero uncertainty

Dear disneyandme,

I can relate to what you describe. The trick, in my experience, is to do or say whatever you (and not your OCD!) were planning to do, say or read in spite of the trouble your OCD is giving you at that moment. Try to let the feelings of urgency and anxiety be, notice them and accept that they are there. If your OCD is telling you that you might obsess about a thought forever, say ok, I may or may not obsess about this forever. Then go on with whatever you would do, say or read if you didn't have OCD. If you try to "coexist" with the feelings of anxiety and urgency, after a while, they will usually abate.

I have totally had that "unfinished" feeling and it often has to do with touching things or even people. It's definitely a weird feeling.

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