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Glutamate free diet for OCD. Research + recommended dietary intake.

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Last year researchers from Washington University led by Kathleen Holton PhD reported a caste study of a man who's long time resistant OCD disapeared after taking glutamate free diet for

I contacted her and she gave me the plan, which can be found here.

There is also great interview with her where she mentions it.


I tried it for 25 days but unfortunatelly it did nothing for me. My source of excitotoxicity is probably coming from my high blood homocysteine, so you can check that alongside with B12 and folate levels too.

Anyway, it's a really really healthy diet, and you can't lose anything with it. Def worth a try!


P.S. I also wrote a thread how magnesium helped me and which I took here

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Well, let's make this a little bit more clear. There is no evidence that dietary glutamate increases brain glutamate whatsoever, it seems that dietary glutamate only affects people with disrupted blood brain barrier, probably people who had head trauma, serious infection etc. So most of the people are perfectly fine consuming free glutamate (bounded glutamate is always safe). If your blood brain barrier is OK, you should not restrict yourself of dietary glutamate, it does nothing. However, if you notice the diet doing the job, then you definately should.

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