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Could someone please help me?

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Being stuck in quarantine has not been great for me emotionally and mentally and to make matters worse, my OCD compulsions are worsening. I currently do not have access to my therapist as she's fairly busy. I can't talk to my family members because it's not easy to make them understand my pain. I can't talk to my friends because I don't wish to be a burden to them and I've bothered them enough. I just need a hug. I need someone to just for once, listen to me.

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I’m sorry you are having a rough time- sending hugs your way

Quarantine is hard, isn't it? I'm in California and our shelter-in-place was just extended through May. I think it's not surprising that OCD has flared up during this time. I know mine has. We don't have our usual routines and outlets and have more time to ruminate/obsess about things. Message me if you want to. I'll let you know what's been working (and not working!) for me, and happy to listen to you, wouldn't be a burden ha ha! Take care.

Feel free to share whatever you want and we'll do our best to help. Hope you start feeling better soon!

I am so sorry that you are going through a rough time with OCD.

I can understand when you do not have anyone who understands OCD.

My family just blames me for OCD, and have never given me support.

I do not have any friends, thus I do not have that support either.

My husband is the only person who understands my OCD, and has given me support.

I am here for you to provide support to you.

You can reach out to me for support.

You are not alone in this battle of OCD.

I struggle through lot of compulsions on a daily basis.

OCD has taken over our lives.

It is painful going through the rituals of OCD.

I hope you feel better.

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Thank you so much for your help. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with OCD but am very grateful to know that you have at least one support system around you. I feel better now, and I hope you are doing okay too.

Yeah, the lack of activities and the interruption of routine is difficult. I use to get my energy out by hanging out restaurants and coffee shops, as well as parks (which I probably could still do if I stay away from people). If you can do so safely, try going to a wide open outdoor space and go hiking or hang out in your back yard if you have one. Sunlight might help you feel better. A lot of therapists are doing telehealth. Would they be able to refer you to a colleague who has availability, they might need permission to share records with them, but would that be an option? I get the "not completely understanding" thing. I love my family, but they don't have a full understanding of OCD, they try to, but they can't fully know how it feels. Most of us are in the same boat right now, so don't feel bad. What about music? I also find music helps a lot. There is a lot on YouTube in regards to anxiety reducing music (also the Calm App). Music has gotten me through a lot of the anxiety I have right now.

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I wish I could step outside but I'm afraid to take the risk. My therapist had mentionef that she'd like to try telethetapy with me but considering how busy she is with her research, I'd say that's a bit difficult. I don't know whether she could refer me to a colleague though, I think I might ask her about that. Muisc has been helpful for me as well, I guess all I really need is for someone to just tell me that it's gonna be okay. Thank you so much for your reply and I sincerely hope that you are in a good place.

I sometimes have been feeling the same! I seem to be feeling so much more fear I think, which worries me and I hope is unfounded.

Psychcoffee, I really believe you will be fine though. I'm here for you. There are lots of people now here thinking of you, rooting for you, and you can talk to us!

This is very sweet, thank you so much. I will do my best to share my concerns here so I hope you can do the same, hope things will be better for you!

youtube is great for their music selections MUSIC is my biggest lifeline right now!!!

music is mine too! thank you for recommending!!

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