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Introducing myself. Also feeling scared and OCD due to Coronavirus


Hi I'm Lynda. I'm new here.Never thought I'd be posting on this page. Freaked out big time due to Coronavirus - washing my hands like crazy - afraid to drop things on the ground due to the virus -, using disinfectant soooooooo many times that my throat is getting irritated. Then that triggers the feeling of "have I got the virus???" Help!😨😥😓

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Welcome! Hang in there- we are all in this together

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I would like to welcome you to the OCD Support Network.

We are here to give support and hope to each other.

I am sorry that you are going through a rough time.

Try to resist the compulsions.

The anxiety will be high in the beginning, but it will get lesser.

Let the thoughts be there.

Do not interact or argue with the thoughts.

The thought will lose importance and slowly fade away.

Relabel the thought as an OCD thought.

I hope this helps.

Hoping you feel better soon.

Thanks. Reading your post makes me want to cry. Appreciate the support.


I’m Obsessing about”when is This Virus going to end”?

Since it is uncertain when the virus will end, the best approach would be not to respond

to the question.

It just feeds the OCD and it will become stronger.

Let that thought be there.

Do not interact with it.

The thought will slowly fade away.

I hope this helps.

I don’t think this is ever going to end.

I’m scared to death of getting it.

I am so incredibly afraid. I'm doing all I can to keep it at bay. If I could wrap myself in disinfectant wipes, I would do it!😨


Today I feel a little better- thanks to all on this thread. I found that by reclaiming my space (doing my art-I'm a poet and performance artist) it helped to cope and feel empowered. I wrote a poem yesterday about how I've been feeling lately.

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