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Will I be forever haunted?

Will I be forever haunted by something horrible I did during a manic moment? I hurt a beloved family member about a year ago...not physically,..but embarrassed him. This is on my mind day after day as I am really good person and had it not been for the trauma I experienced, never ever would have done such a thing. Any suggestions?

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I experience similar obsession of when any thoughts come, that I might be haunted for the rest of my life.

This is a trick which OCD plays at me all the time.

I learnt in therapy to let the thoughts be there, and sit with the anxiety, and feared consequences.

The thoughts will gradually fade away and will lose its importance.

I hope this helps.

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It does help. Do you have imaginary thoughts or are your thoughts factual. Mine are factual thoughts of stupid things I have done.

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My thoughts are based upon factual things which happen, and OCD gets stuck on them.

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Yes...that’s me. I have been stuck on them for over a year...it’s awful.

Talk to your loved one and ask forgiveness. Let him know how badly you feel about what you did.

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I have...she kind of laughed at what I did but to me it was pure insanity that I could have done it.

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Now it’s time to forgive yourself too!

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Working on it....it’s tough.

I am the same way. I think of things I said that we’re hurtful to family members and even though all is forgiven and I guess forgotten. I haven’t forgotten or forgave myself

My brother is heavy and was picked on a lot. He is 9 years younger and I have always spoiled him but as we got older we would fight. During a bad fight I called him a fat pig. I hate myself for doing it. I don’t want to bring it up again it was prob 10 years or more ago. All is good between us but I cannot forget it. I want what I said to go away. It was hurtful and horrible.

Unfortunately, I understand that as I was called that by my family. It is hurtful but I am sure he is well over it.

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