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suicidal thoughts and thoughts of hurting others


Hi just me again, I have had suicidal thoughts and thoughts of hurting others all night they are so bed a don't no if a can't take it any more, I will be seeing my doctor in a few hours, hoping to get the help I need what is best for this? I don't like medicine so won t take it as it made me bad with side effects, what can I do please I normaly let them pass but at the mo I can't

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I’m glad you are seeing your Doctor - hang in there!

Well just try to hang in there friend! For me i used to have suicidal thoughts too and also thoughts of hurting the ones i loved, for example: i used to have this thought if i close a door or sit on the chair the person might smash his hands or get the person injured!

It was so bad that i used to avoid sitting down and used to close things slowly, and at the same time worrying about my loved ones!

But after some time it got better maybe due to the reasons maybe i was on medication for a long time therefore it used to contain my OCD from getting worst and also i was able to work my way out of that hurting thoughts to others.

Stay strong friend you will get better!

Stay strong, distract, try and sleep with sounds of the ocean on. Meditate. Good you’re seeing your doctor. It’s not you it’s the ocd. Please hang in there.

I believe in you. Please hang in there. Why don’t you like medicine? Your attitude towards medicine might be counteracting it... also, not denying that you’ve haven’t had side effects, but perhaps it was the wrong medicine or too much at once. Moreover, medicine can take a long time to work specially with OCD it seems. It took me about 6 months for my SSRI to really start to alleviate the distress... since then I have a cocktail that does a pretty great job, that combined with daily Exposure Practices my suicidal and harm thoughts have been greatly diminished! You’ve got this dear friend! Let me know if you need anything!

I used to have violent obsessions and sexual obsessions when I was a teenager. They were horrible. I only really felt free from then when I started going to therapy. Now I have a CBT and it’s wonderful! Hang in there :)

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I am a teenager and am struggling with bad sexual thoughts. What can I do to make the thoughts go away? They are ruining my life.

Please please see an OCD Therapist. You are not alone in those tormenting thoughts of OCD. Many of us may have different parts of OCD but all can be very disabilitating. We understand your pain-

The advice I can offer you is to please see an OCD trained therapist. It has done tremendously well for me as well as a small dose of meds. The meds helped me get a head start. If you can’t do meds, maybe your dr. will prescribe you some other kind of supplements.

From someone who’s found tremendous freedom from OCD-There is hope for you‼️Blessings of strength to you, sending a prayer for your peace of mind.

Take care😊

I’m happy you’ll be seeing your doctor. Also consider taking medication with OCD it usually takes a higher dosage and a longer time to see good results. I couldn’t have done it without medication. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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