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My consultant has put me on madopar 50mg /12.5mg 1 three times a day don't feel any different, anybody else take this and how does it affect them. I also take gaberpentin 200they have helped with the pain . I am also having a Electromyography on Thursday anybody else had this, I seem to be getting bad so quickly I can hardly walk now I am beginning to panic I thought it would be much slower than this.peg will be fitted soon.

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Hi my husband was on Madopar 6 times a day it did help but they started wearing off after 1hour so I then was giving him them every 2 hours throughout the day I could give him up to 8 if I needed too and that did work but when he was having a bad day they didn't work at all . I hope this has helped if you need to know more I am always here to try and answer any questions take care x


Madopar is a drug to treat Parkinson's type symptoms. It is like Sinemet but is combined wih a drug which reduces the side effects.

The brain is very important and has evolved to try and keep itself from harm from all the things we eat or drink or breathe in. There is a "Blood brain barrier" which stops, among other things, many medications getting from the blood into the brain. It is one reason why levodopa was such an amazing discovery in the treatment of `parkinson's in the last century - it will cross the boundary and work on the brain. BUT and there is always a but, isn't there, it also affects the rest of he body and causes nasty side effects. Very simply Sinemet can be helpful for the Parkinsons sysmptoms of MSA sufferers but Madopar may be better for those who have intolerable side effects

Both take time to take effect.

All part of MSA suck it and see

Like Sinemet the dose will need to be increased over time and can end up with a very precise chart of the best times to take it when the maximum dose is reached or exceeded

Good luck



Madapar is not dopamine, as dopamine causes "addiction" problems and it dose not cross the blood brain barrier to right parts of the brain and only results in gambling problems and the such like. Madapar is infact mostly Ladopar which is the precursor to dopamine and crosses the blood brain barrier much better. It is available in many forms to be able to "tweek" for indervidual needs. In my wifes case we found that with standard madapar there was to much of the "on/off" problems were it would only work for an hour or so the it would be infective till the next dose. Have talked to a neurologist whom was involed with madapar trials for parkinsons, he advised using madapar CR (controlled release) which we found was a lot more stable and allowed Carol a better control over her movement instead of boom or bust all the time.

As for pain, where is the pain mostly, it dose make a difference as to what bain relief use as to where it is.


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Hi. Billy was on madopar. But his dose was much higher. 200/50mg, 6 times a day, if I remember right. And it did help a good bit with his tremor for a long time. Maybe your dose is simply not high enough. Sorry I know nothing about the electromyography!! Never heard of that one. Maybe you could try some relaxation techniques. It's hard not to worry. Hope you are feeling better soon, tho I know things won't get better.

I felt that Billy would have a fairly significant drop, in his abilities, then he would plateau for a good while.

Hoping you have a good day. Beverley


Thanks for your post regarding madopar. My husband takes carbidopa-levodopa , but it does not seem to do much. I plan on asking his doctor about madopar. His right side is much more rigid and his mobility is declining. He also has many other issues relating to the disease, although no choking or swallowing . I hope the peg tube helps to keep you Strong. You seem to be alert and mindful. That is truly a blessing.



My mum had the slow release made par prior to her MSA diagnose. Treated at the time for Parkinson's. As well as sinamet and dispersible sinamet in a Morning. Was weaned off everything except sinamet as made no difference.


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