Leg half numb

Hiya diagnosed Feb 2016 probable MSA-C gone downhill since then no longer drive or can keep my balance so I'm in my electric wheelchair to give me some independence. The reason for this post is my right leg can't see (man look) any similar symptoms half my leg feels numb like a pins and needles thru it but absolutely no pain and pins and needles not constant but numbness is bin to docs think it might be trapped nerve anybody come across anything similar. I am awaiting a scan to investigate.


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  • Hello Mick. Just a quick post to say how sorry I am that things have gone downhill a bit. The trouble with this journey of MSA is you never quite know what's around the corner. It's good that you have an electric wheelchair; Jackie enjoys her all terrain one - which I push! - but hasn't managed well with an electric one. She is planning on trying one again soon however.

    Your numbness does sound like a trapped nerve and so hopefully that will be confirmed and something like physiotherapy will free it.

    Do you know how long you will have to wait for the scan? With luck not too long.

    Take care, Ian

  • Cheers Ian been a week so far probably a few more yet. Think it is a trapped nerve but better safe than sorry hope Jackie is coping well.

  • Mick, glad to see you on the forum

    My wifes symptoms include hand arm and leg numbness which she says feels like "dead leg" She also has tingling all over the skin.

    Everyone's journey with MSA is individual with varying symptoms in style, intensity and timescales.

    But, you're not alone.

    I hope you get all the support you can for you and your family.

    Always ask.


  • Paul,

    Thanks for the reply that's exactly how it feels. Thank you.

  • My husband complained of pins and needles in his leg. So it may well be related? He also said his legs felt like lead weights about a year before the falls. He complained about that even when he couldn't walk.


  • Thanks Marie,

    I still fall quite a bit I must becoming an expert on landing on top of pins and needles I get like an electric shock now and then!


  • Hi Mick.... I have become quite an expert at landing after a fall, I have arthritis in both knees and diabetes which gives me no feeling in my feet, and it turns out I have what is known as " dropped foot syndrome" which means when you move your foot forward , your toes do not lift off the floor, hence you trip over your own feet,or at least I do.


  • Hi Mick I was diagnosed in January although I think I had it for some time before.My left leg is badly affected it's very stiff, I have had full body MRI it's shown my spine is in a bad way just got appointment to see a consultant next January can you believe that. I have just had a Electromyography on my legs to see why I can't move the left one, but no one will give me the results it's all waiting, so frustrating I find, They stopped me driving I can't use my wheelchair as I haven't got a ramp yet 😞 I get out Tuesday and Friday drive's me mad, I have started getting pain in my head I am changing consultant I am not getting on with this one and I think you need to.


  • Hi Pauline. The RAF are giving me a powerchair but I can't have it until local council put in a ramp for me, and county council highways dept. Give me a dropped curb outside my house.....with reference to getting your medical results, I'm no expert but why not ask under the "Freedom of information" act.....it's just a thought.


  • Hi would you believe it council came to do my ramp last week and put outside the wrong house! So I am still waiting. I am so fed up nothing is going right. I am changing consultant every thing seems to be moving that way but I need my freedom while I can every thing is closing in on me if you no what I mean !! Thanks for replying,sorry for moaning.

  • Pauline my lovely, I would say you have every reason to "moan"...... how could they put it outside the wrong house, I would say contact the council, it's their mistake not yours..... if they were going to put you a ramp in then they should install it as soon as possible. Good luck.


  • Hi Pauline,

    Sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Have you been in touch with our MSA Nurse Specialists? They will be able to talk you through some of your issues and offer advice. You can find their contact details on our website: msatrust.org.uk/support-for...

    All the best, Louise

    Services Assistant

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