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As my illness has progressed I have noticed my weekly shopping trip has got more and more difficult. From just walking with a stick to using a rollator it now seems that isn't enough. It was very difficult this morning to keep balanced, so much so that when I got home I was very wobbly and whacked out, nearly fell three times. This is very sad because I enjoy my shopping trip but I may have to sit them out from now on. It helps writing things down instead of moaning to my spouse who has just taken over all the cooking, beautifully I might add.

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  • I sympathise with you. I was out in the garden today and almost fell over twice. Am hoping it is not the start of me getting worse. I never go out on my own and, like you, miss my shopping trips . One good thing to come out of my condition is that my husband has learned to cook as I broke my wrist a little while ago and was inactive for 6 weeks.

    I've learned that there is no point moaning, we just have to get on with life,but it does help talking to someone in the same boat who understands. Regards Rankin63

  • Hi. Have you considered getting a mobility scooter? It would give you back some independence. You needn't worry about falling, or being whacked. You could still go shopping. My husband used one, so that he could carry on going shopping with me, instead of sitting in the car,whilst I dashed around so he didn't have to wait too long. It helped us both. We bought a travel one. So it came apart to go into the car easily, and assembled in about 30 seconds. Well worth it. Hope you find this helpful.


  • Hi borderbetty

    Thats a good idea fromBeverley

    There are all sorts of scooters available- ones which are almost car substitutes (apart from the weather). Quite expensive new but as a friend of mine found, when he needed to sell his, there are plenty of good ones secondhand.

    Had he been able to control one it would also have solved the problem for my husband of standing talking to people you meet in the street which he found very exhausting


  • That is news, have you a brand name for it ? I thought I wouldn't be able to use anything of this sort because we live right in the sticks, 20 mins from our nearest super market. Very helpful and interesting, thanks.

  • Hope you find my reply which has gone below Freda's post somehow.

  • Yes I have found it

    The story is that I have a friend who has moved house to be nearer to me..Where he lived before he lived on the outskirts of Hitchin and needed to travel into the centre for shopping and so on

    He bought a new scooter, a Colt Sport made by Pride mobility in the aurumn and decided to move here at Christmas. He now has a flat in the middle of town with nowhere he can store and charge his pride and joy so it has to go.

    It has a top speed of 8 mph and a range of 16 and a half miles on level-ish grounds. It can go on the road or the pavements but it is not easy to put in the back of a car although I have never tried it. Other smaller ones do not have the range or the comfort but they do come apart more easily.

    I am sure there is something which you will find helpful

    There are, as I said bargains to be had. Like all disability aids people tend to go for new


  • Hi Border Betty I know exactly what you mean. I use rollator for short walks but have a mobility scooter that is very useful for anything else. Good luck chin up

  • Mum wasn't confident with a scooter. Wheelchairs electric and manual are available through OT.

    If your age allows re the relevant benefits I'd recommend looking into mobility car. You will be able to get adapted one as need arises and you are unable to get in and out of wheelchair. Mum was 71 so unable to get the benefits to entitle herbecame pretty much housebound when unable to move from the chair to car.

    Take care.

    Alison xx

  • Hi borderbetty, they can be quite expensive. And yes there are plenty of second hand ones available. You can get about 7/8 miles out of 1 charge. Plenty to do your shopping around the town, or in the super market, so as long as you have the car to get to the town you are all set.

    We bought ours through the Lloyds chemist online disability shop. I believe it's called betterlife but I'll check that shortly. The prices were much cheaper than most high street shops. Ours was around £500 as apposed to £900 in the shops. A huge difference. . Worth investigating. Very simply to assemble and unassemble to go in the car. You could always try looking at them in a local shop, to get an idea of how they work etc, and the differences. And then buy online!!!

    Billy used one for about 3years, until his internal guidance system was no longer functioning as normal. We went all sorts of places with it.

    Good luck, beverley

  • Oh that is helpful, will show the husband when he comes back from an errand, thank you.

  • It's called betterlifehealthcare.

  • I was getting quite excited until I remembered I had handed my driving licence in last Autumn because I was permanently veering off to the right, my internal guidance system having gone too. I do have a push wheelchair to use next so all is not lost, thank you one and all for all your comments.

  • All is not lost!!. , Billy handed in his license too, for similar reasons. But was well able to handle a mobility scooter for 3years, and then a powered wheelchair for 18 months, so maybe still worth you trying one out in a shop. I'd say it's down to the speed.

    You may be a danger in a car, but at 4kms an hour, the worst you can do is graze an ankle or two. And Billy only did that towards the end.Good luck.


  • Thanks for that Beverley, will make enquiries.

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