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21 early onset ALS symptoms ?

I'm just kind of scared does this sound like ALS to anyone?

A month a go randomly my arms and legs went numb and my hands and I was having involuntary arm and shoulder movements The numbness lasted for a week. After the week the numbness went away and now it's been a month with extreme weakness in my arms,legs, and hands. Also there's pain in the muscles of all the limbs and a lot in my hands and when I lay down I start getting facilitations or muscle twitches in my right leg.

I tried to ignore all of the symptoms hoping it was from allergies from the spring weather but it hasn't stopped it's just getting worse when I lay down it's like pins and needles crawling through my limbs, muscles pain and twitches, and weakness it's extremely uncomfortable. I'm very scared please someone help if they know anything about als

Also I had blood work done everything like thyroid and b12 came back normal I've tried taking b12 and magnesium nothing is helping and had an EMG done came back normal as well

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Does't sound familiar to me. You need to go back to your GP and keep going back until you have some sort of answer.

If you are trying to get a diagnosis it is best to keep clear of supplements which could give a false normal blood test . and confuse the issue.

Good luck, you are having a nasty time



Could you have trapped a nerve in your spine? Resistance at the doctor.


Hi. ALS is a type of Motor Neurone Disease and isn't related to MSA. It would appear that MND doesn't have a community on Health Unlocked. Have you tried the MND Association website?

Hope you get some answers. Diane



The symptoms you describe don't sound like symptoms of MSA, but could potentially be neurological. Do see your GP as soon as possible and ask for a referral to a Neurologist.

Kind regards,



Does not sound at all like ALS to me and I at one time thought I had it too, but then I am not a doctor either.