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Could people share their experience with DLA application?

I am thinking to apply for DLA. I have been diagnosed with ET since Nov. 11 and being on Hydroxicarbomide among other meds my joints have been affected and I am having problem with mobility. I would like to hear from people who have applied for DLA and what they had to do to go through the process and how successful this was. What was the outcome?

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Hi, I suffer from PV & have done for some 9 years now; originally found it difficult just to get moving. Treatment then was weekly venesection, now 1 gm of hydroxycarbamide X 5 days & 1.5 gms Sat & Sun, just to try & keep the platelets in check, still constantly tired. I've not applied in the past for DLA, been very tempted on a number of occasions tho'. I'd be very interested in the outcome of your application...I'm sure all of us would! Can't help on this occasion I'm afraid, keep strong! Pete x


Will keep you update on this adventure.


I applied for DLA last year but was turned down,I was diagnosed with ET in 2010 and also have mobility problems,but that doesn't seem to interest them.They sent me a letter that they would keep me on file for future reference,so watch this space,sorry it wasn't better news,take care Kath.x


I have ET and currently receive DLA. One thing to bear in mind before you apply is that the process is usually long and often stressful.

DLA is a non means tested allowance, not a benefit and a successful application is dependent on how well you get across how your condition affects you as an individual.

It took two separate applications, an appeal and a patient tribunal for me to finally succeed.

Even if you think you have a strong case I would start the process expecting to have to appeal or attend a tribunal. My tribunal was made up of a former judge, a doctor and a disability representative.

For my first application I was helped by a Macmillan Benefits adviser who's experience of applying for the allowance would assist me but they were completely unfamiliar with my condition and to be honest I found their advice poor. I decided to fill in my second application myself with invaluable advice from

When you complete the gruellingly long application form it is important that you fill in every box to the max and try and cover all aspects of how your condition affects you and your family. If your condition is variable you are advised to describe how your condition affects you on your worst days, not your best.

There are two main components of DLA - Care and Mobility and you will receive an award depending on how your condition affects these.

Feel free to PM me if you require any further assistance.




Thank you so much for your information it is rather helpful and I will contact you again if I need it. This process sound complicated but I will get on with it. Thanks again.


Hi light. This has been touched upon before and respnses were similar. ETphonehome is spot on. Completing these applications is now an art-form and like a game of chess. And its easier for them to achieve check-mate. Over the festive period I completed a form to take me from Incap benefit to Employment Support Allowance and I wasn't at all well at the time but it took me the best part of a fortnight to rough it out, edit, and commit my final answers. Im convinced though that without my GP supporting evidence - a letter from him I attached and I believe they still sent him a pro-forma to complete - I would have been knocked back.

DLA is being replaced by Personal Independence Payment this year for new claimants and I believe 2015 for existing recipients unless their re-assessment is due maybe. The parameters are much harsher than now and involve ATOS Healthcare carrying out medical examinations etc. More info is available on a number of sites including the one.



It was back in July / August 2012. Put dla in search box at top of page and press enter.


Thank you all for your input and all information about this DLA application. Will keep you update on the process.


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