Meeting other people with MPDs at forums

Last week I represented MPD Voice at the Edinburgh patients' forum, and I met some lovely people. Unfortunately due to the adverse weather conditions, which caused landslides and severe flooding not many people attended. We had talks from Dr Mira Farquharson and Dr Zor Maung about blood letting for PV patients, and drug trials. It is always a pleasure to be able to talk to other people with MPDs, it does help to talk to someone who actually knows what it feels like to have one of these disorders, it can take away some of the fear and uncertainty.

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  • Wish I had made this! Maybe next year.

  • Would also like to see a Glasgow forum!

  • I d like to see a Manchester forum please!

  • I don't suppose a Leicester forum would be on the cards?

  • I'd like to see a Manchester forum also.

  • i d like to see a worcs forum

  • I hope to go to the Cardiff Forum. It will be a day trip from Bristol, but it should be interesting and I might meet someone else with MF who lives locally.

  • Hi . I would definitely be interested in a Cardiff Forum but I would have to travel quite a long way. Do you have any details about the venue and when it will be held please?


  • There may be a forum in Cardiff on THursday 4th October, but there is one in London on Weds 21st November. I found this in the MPD Voice website. I think this website is an off shoot of MPD Voice and there seems to be no reference to this website on Voice.

    It seems we have to request to go to the Cardiff Forum. I suggest you log into MPD Voice and go to upcoming events. I have just requested to go to the Cardiff Forum

  • we are working on putting the link from our website to this site at the moment.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I shall let you know how I get on with the Cardiff forum as that will be coming up first.

  • there will indeed be a forum in Cardiff on Thursday 4 October, I should have the final details of times, venue and programme by the end of this week, I will then be able to update our website. If you would like to attend please email me at, we will also be holding a forum in London on Wednesday 21 November 6 - 9 pm, final details for the programme have not yet been decided, but you can book your place now if you would like to attend. All forums are free to attend and you can bring your family and friends with you. Forum information is available on our website

  • Thanks for the confirmation Maz

  • Hi Maz,

    Might there be any chance of a Manchester forum please?!

  • Hi Louise

    Hopefully next year, we will be discussing forums at a meeting soon.

  • Hi Maz - Just joined this site and am finding my way around. I have told CH that I expect to go to Cardiff - how come you have forums where I have family and friends? be nice to see you again. Chris

    ps - When I work out how I will introduce myself!

  • Hi Chris - glad you are happy with locations. I won't be at Cardiff, but I will be at the London one in Nov so will catch up with you then. Maz

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