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Osa confirmed

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Hi everyone,

Wish u all a very happy new year guys ...

Hope u all have symptom free and healthy new year.....

Haven't posted in a while....

I found a good hematologist here in Kolkata itself.....upon finding I was jak2 and exon12 neg,he told me to get a sleep test done and he was not in a hurry to go for bmb ......

Today got the reports and met the doctor after my roommate told me about how loud I was snoring nowadays.....got to know I have mild osa(obstructive sleep apnea).... my doc thinks this might be the reason of my polycythemia.....as iam not obese,he has advised me to meet an ENT specialist and has suggested 2 options,one is surgery and other is cpap trial for 3 months to see if my hb is coming down.....

I think I might go with 3 months of CPAP and hope for the best......hope this terrible phase which started this year,ends in 2018 only....so that cud focus on work and make loads of 💰 😂😂

Iam delighted by the way......what an awesome new year gift ...

3 Replies

Happy New Year vipulm12 hope you can get your OSA sorted out.


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Happy new year to you, too! Hope this all sorts out for you with the best outcome possible.

Take care,


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please inform your status.


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