No pashley bike

Got train in to collect my new bike only to be told we don't have the basket for it. But u can have this old thing as an alternative. What the hell !!!! Obviously said no and had a few words with the assistant manager as manager was not in today. Waiting o on a basket now being ordered in. He said if it's to come from pashley in England it could take 28days.... well so much for me staying positive. Such a bad mood on train home with no bike.


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  • Oh Lainey, what a shame, but it will be worth the wait! Are you having the dark green colour?

    I had the green, with a lovely big basket, Dynamo front light, I also customised mine with Brooks leather hand grips. I would advise cycling shorts if you're not used to cycling!

    Ah memories!

  • Hi, the green looked nice too. Mine is blue. I'm so angry, had made plans this weekend to go to loch lomond. I told guy I'm not waiting 28 days for a basket that's the case cancel the order and re-order it in and it takes three days not 28days. In so mad angry. I'm gonna phone tomorrow and ask for manager.

    Lainy xx

  • I'm away to eat two huge cupcakes and feel fat and unhealthy xx

  • I've just eaten a double raspberry Magnum! delish!

  • Mmm I'm gonna look for them in Tesco tomorrow. They sound yummy xx

  • Getting green one now as manager offered me a free upgrade. Woo hoo can't wait.

  • Well done, what a result! That's the one I had, it is slightly heavier than the blue one but lovely quality. You will love it, so stylish! Enjoy. Xx

  • Ordered the leather Brooks grips and a double pannier bag to match. Worked out better for me in the end really. Now roll on next week now. That's such a wee shame you can't use yours at the moment xx

  • Good news, evans cycles manager called there to apologise and offered me a free upgrade. Ordered pashley princess 8 speed in green. All is well again. Well done the manager 👏👏👏

  • YAY!!! :)

    Steve xo

  • I find when things go wrong mostly there is a better outcome just around the corner, so this is great news! xxx

  • Update, 2nd bike arrived in-store today and yes, you guessed NO BASKET !! Manager is off today so someone else is sending an email. I said it would be faster to call the actual warehouse who distributed it only to be told he is on his lunch break. Can see me asking for my money back. Only thing is I've taken an old bike in as a trade in. Would mean train journey to get it back, if they even have it. Fed up with all this for a bike 😲

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