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Hi, I posted a few weeks ago about pains in side and chest, and was advised to have a scan on my spleen. I’ve had one and was told my spleen is fine! Which I’m pleased about, So just got to pursue other tests now to get to the bottom of things. Struggling this week, with lots of pains, especially in my legs, like a heavy feeling. Had my 3 monthly check up and my platelets have gone up slightly to 380, but told to carry on with Hydroxycarbamide 1 a day and 2 on a Saturday and Sunday, which I’m disappointed about, as I asked about dropping the dose, as I read on here a lot of people of similar age (I’m 53) with higher platelets are just on aspirin. Also when do you all tend to take your aspirin? I’ve read on a Mayo clinic report recently that it’s best to take at night, I take mine in the morning and just wondered if that was the cause of a lot of pains, enemy though they are the Gastro coated ones. Sorry for long post 😳 Jackie

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Hi Jackie, love the Grumpyfairy bit 🧚‍♂️ I take my Aspirin, after breakfast like you I have Enteric Coated Aspirin not the dispersible one as it gave me an ulcer which gave me really bad pains in my old tum and then a bleed this was years ago now was already on EC when I had to go on Hydroxycarbamide for my ET this was over five years ago now and so far so good. Oh also take Omeprazole when I sometimes get the odd twinge.

Never heard of it being taken of a night time, but I suppose everyone is different.

Hope you get things sorted out soon, sorry I was not much help.



Hi Jackie, very interesting. I’ve been bothered with pain on left side under the ribs, feeling bloated and nauseous. I had a scan which said my spleen was also okay but I had gallstones which my gp didn’t think was causing my problem. I was prescribed extra omeprazole and the symptoms went away.

Unfortunately they are now back again and omeprazole doesn’t seem to be working. My spleen was also given the all clear when I went to visit my new haem. I’m going to wait, unless it gets worse, until 19 November as I have my follow up appointment with my new haem to get all the blood results.

I can’t take aspirin or any other inflammatory med as they all give me a sore stomach. Hope you feel better very soon. Kindest regards and every sympathy Aime xx😺😺

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Hi Jackie, I researched when is the best time to take aspirin, and read that as night is best episodes as most episodes of thrombosis, take place throughout the night. I guess we all have to make our own minds up, though I take mine usually after 10 at night, enteric coated. Hope this helps.Marilyn xx


Thank you for your replies and support it really helps hearing off other people with similar issues, makes you not feel as alone.




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