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ET and kidney stones / infection

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Morning all, I hope your all well?

I’m after any advice / experience! I have ET Jak2+ (on aspirin alone) playlets remain steady at around 600+. I have two large kidney stones in my left kidney, being removed via surgery on Monday. This week I’ve had immense pain in my right kidney, GP suspects another kidney stone may now have formed in my right kidney and possible infection, but not sure where the infection is?!?! I’ve been given cattle strength anti-biopics and pain relief, which is taking he edge off, that said the problem is still very much there? My urologist will investigate more on Monday. My question is does anybody know if there is a link between kidney stones and ET, should my blood be checked given that they are unsure as to where the infection is stemming from?

Many thanks


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Hi Katy. I have MF and had nasty kidney stones in June. Probably. The pain was charactetidtic, but no stones were actually seen While I was away from home, so no one in Somerset knew much about MPNs No idea if there is a connection, but kidney stones are relativeky common. 1 in three women get them at some stage, I was told.

Would be v interested to hear what your docs think. Lots and lots of painkillers and fluids were all I needed, as no infection.

All the best


Thanks for your response Rachel, i’ll Let you know what they say next week after surgery! Xx

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