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Iron levels.


Dx July 16. I started Pegasys dec 16. My consultant said my iron levels would never return to normal. At the London conference I was told they would slowly return to normal.

I’m pleased to say, this weeks bloods, have shown my iron levels are within normal range. Interesting that fatigue is still hanging around. What a complicated blood system our bodies have.

Hope you all have a good week.

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Great news Eleanor, you've proved your consultant wrong. Although that, in itself, will also make you question whatever else he tells you in future. I know you always do your homework anyway, you are an amazing detective!

Fatigue is random with me but I am beginning to notice it's appearance after a spell of worry and stress. X

That’s great news Eleanor, plus it shows we need to be in the know re our MPN. That’s really interesting about your fatigue lingering, I was blaming my low iron levels for my fatigue but maybe not wholly responsible.

Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

Hi. So glad your iron levels are now normal. After six months or so on Hydroxy all my counts are much improved including my Hb levels which are now within normal range. Haven’t had any iron studies done for a while but when last checked those counts also appeared on the up (they were pretty dire!). Definitely feel better as a result.

(Worth noting that all kinds of things can impact on iron levels like heavy menstrual bleeding or other bleeding as well as the MPN / venesection merry-go-round. Sometimes hard to separate out one factor from another and the net result can be exhausting!)

Hi, my haemoglobin fluctuates between 103 and 111. 111 if I’m lucky, The Anemia is now becoming more of a problem that the Et. I wonder if I took Pegasys it would relieve this?

EleanorPV in reply to Wyebird

It should do but would take a while. For my pv, I was on Pegasys for 18 months before my iron levels started to increase.

Thank you

EleanorPV in reply to Wyebird

That’s assuming ET is causing your anaemia.

Yep iron and b12 stores are high.

So I can’t have iron tablets. Prior to ET through healthy eating I reached 140!

I take iron rich foods and vit c.

Just started Anagride with hydroxicarbomide I thought great Hb will rise. It hasn’t. It’s actually gone down x

Great there’s hope for me

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