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ET patient, wana do some strength thak ok?

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Hi everyone,

I have ET for one n half year, on aspirin only, platelets are around 1000. I want to give a try to weight training to tone my body and build some lean muscles. Should I go for this?or this is something not recommended for MPNs?.I am mostly asymptomatic, only occasional fatigue and brain fog with exertion. Any insight would be really appreciated. Thanks

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Hi there, I would say to check with your medical team prior to any exercise routine, just to be sure maybe just quick phone call to your support nurse? Bruddery

Hey there... :-)

It's working for me... However, you should always just check w/ your medical team, just to be on the safe side of things...



Thanks steve .

You are most welcome of course... :-)

...and you might possibly be interested in a Post I made a few days back - Entitled:

Molecular Improvement – Exercise, & Dietary Regime or Medication(?)

Exercise, and diet are big factors in my own journey thus far...



all the advice i c says "moderate exercise is good" - so perhaps start gently?

Hi there, I've had ET for 14 yrs (on Hydroxy & aspirin). I'm 69 yrs old but have always been a gym goer. 3 times per week cardio +weights followed by half mile swim.

Also plenty of walking /cycling/gardening. I've never felt fitter!

Exercise is always going to benefit you both physically & mentally.

My consultants have always approved of my fitness regime and never raised concerns.

All the best, stay fit


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mustabshra in reply to PeterET

Thanks peter..This was something I wanted to hear.I am into cardio for many years, but recently got the bug in my mind to build strength. I did few session and actually enjoying my aching muscles. Your response made my day..thanks a lot

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socrates_8 in reply to PeterET

Here here Peter... :-)

That is just brilliant to learn, and I could not agree more with your sentiments.

I have really only just started myself, however, I am already seeing significant results, and I am slowly gaining more in physical strength & confidence that this is the best approach to surviving my MPN.

Thanks for sharing...



(ET/MF CALR+Type2 & ASXL1 - diagnosed May 2016)

Hi Mustabshra,

I've had ET since 2004. Platelets are in normal range now after taking Hydroxuria from 2004-12. On 81mg aspirin two to three days a week now. My hemoglobin is around 10 -11 and should be 14+. That indicates anemia but I feel fine.

I walk 1.5 miles on treadmill most week day mornings and lift weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've lifted weights for so many years, I don't remember when I started. I'm 72 and am trying to stay healthy. I don't lift real heavy weights, just moderate (25 - 35 lb Dumbbells) After I walk in the morning, I feel energized. So try that too.

I also take 1000mg of non-flushing Niacin, two 65mg Iron and at least 1000mcg of sublingual vitamin B12 each day.

Good luck to you and stay in shape.....Bippers

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Klys in reply to Bippers

Hello, May I ask why you take spring two or three times a week? Was it advised by the dr? I take it every day but I find I bleed under the skin, when I asked he nurse if I could take it alternate days she frowned upon it, as it stops the stickiness. I feel I have more symptoms from asprin than HU? No one listens to me though.

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Bippers in reply to Klys

Hi Klys,

My platelet count has been in the normal range for 5 - 6 years. I, like you, bruise easily. When I take 81mg aspirin each day, all I need to do is bump my arm slightly and I get a bruise. So, I stopped taking aspirin all together for about six months. Then a couple of months ago I started taking the aspirins 2 - 3 days per week. I still bruise, but they seem to clear up fairly quickly.

Personally, I wouldn't stop the daily aspirin you're taking unless your doctor agrees.

Good luck to you and your health......Bippers

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WileyFrench in reply to Bippers

I’m interested that you took hydroxyurea for 8 years and then stopped. And your platelet count has remained in the normal range since then? If so that sounds terrific. I thought one had to take the stuff forever.

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Tico in reply to Bippers

Hi Bippers,like wileyfrench i'm also intrigued about you being on hu for 8yrs & now only on apirin. I took would have assumed after 8yrs the only way for the haemo to withdraw it, would be if they switched you to other meds too control your platelets. In the past when my w/counts have gone too low, haemo told oe too stop hu for a week & then have another blood test the following week, my platelets have always been extremely impacted as a result of only stopping the hu for a week, this as occurred on several occasions. Did you have any problems & what was the reason you were told too stop it? Atb tina.🤗

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Bippers in reply to Tico

Hi Tico - My hematologist started weening me off Hydroxuria in 2010 or 2011. I think it started with taking 500mgs 5 weekdays and no weekends. Then every other weekday and no weekends. Then 2 weekdays and finally no Hydroxuria. After stopping for 6 months, I noticed my mind was working better. I think Hydroxurea fogs up ones brain. I manage IT projects and while taking Hydroxurea I couldn't seem to follow technical meetings very well. After stopping, all seemed normal again after 6 months.

My platelet count has been good, but my hemoglobin is lower than normal. I take Vitamin B3 (1000mg), two 65mg Iron pills, 1000mg of B12 and folate each day to try and raise my hemoglobin count. It bounces between 10 and 11 and should be in the 14 range.

Take care and good health to you.....Bippers

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Tico in reply to Bippers

I good health to you too Bippers. Atb, tina🤗

My hematologist was INSISTENT that I do nothing with impact or weights, but that I could practice (and teach-it's what I do..) all the yoga I want so long as I don't jump or use external weights. He said in fact, that in his opinion, yoga is the best possible exercise for ET folks. It increases circulation, and builds muscle strength quite well too.

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Bippers in reply to MCurlygirl

Hi MCurlygirl,

I talked to my hematologist about working out with weights and walking on a treadmill. He said don't top anything you're doing as it keeps up your build and keeps my weight down.

I do yard work, wash and wax cars, and any other jobs that need to be done.

I might start taking yoga classes this fall.

Take care and good luck to you......Bippers