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TAMARIN STUDY now open across the UK in 13 hospitals



The TAMARIN study is a very exciting study based on UK science and is now open in 13 hospitals across the UK. The study is a multicentre phase II clinical trial which will assess the safety and activity of Tamoxifen in MPNs.

Many people with MPNs have mutations (changes) to certain genes found in their blood cells, these are JAK2 and CALR gene mutations. The JAK2 gene makes a protein that controls how many blood cells are made, the CALR gene produces a protein which influences other proteins made in the blood cell, some of these affect the way a cell grows and divides.

There are already some treatments that target cells that have these gene changes, including Ruxolitinib. Ruxolitinib inhibits the abnormal JAK signalling associated with changes to the JAK2 gene, and stops cancer cells from growing and dividing. Ruxolitinib and other treatments, such as interferon and Hydroxycarbamide, have helped people with MPNs, but some are unable to tolerate the side effects of these treatments, so researchers are looking for new treatment options.

Tamoxifen is a drug currently used to treat breast cancer, and laboratory research has shown that it is able to reduce the number of abnormal blood cells, mostly in the cells carrying the JAK2 and CALR gene changes, but as yet it is not known if this will happen in people with MPNs, which is why the TAMARIN study is very exciting and important for people with MPNs, and anyone taking part will take Tamoxifen and their usual MPN medication, it is hoped that adding Tamoxifen will help to reduce the number of cells carrying genetic changes.

If you would like to take part in this study you will need to discuss it with your haematologist, or you can contact MPN Voice for further information - email info@mpnvoice.org.uk.

Full details of the study can be found here mpnvoice.org.uk/documents/T...

Going on a trial– things to consider, we have some very useful information on our website about trials/studies and what they involve, so if you are thinking about taking part in a trial/study, read our information to help you decide. mpnvoice.org.uk/about-mpns/...

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Hi maz, just started 2 read ur post on the tamarin study & was excited 2 read about it,alway's wanted 2 take part in a clinical trial that cud benefit people wiv mpn's if not now hopefully in the near future. Alas i am in the exclusion critera having had a previovs tia & stroke. The study wud ave been pratically on my doorstep too! at the

QE in birmingham(brum) hopefully their will be annther oppertunity 4me.tico

Just wondering if any of the hospitals are Sheffield?

in reply to mhos61

Yes Sheffield is one of the hospitals. Maz

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