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Travelling abroad


Hello,Am travelling to the US for 5wks soon & need advice. PV diagnosed last April.On my last visit to Consultant,he decided I needed one more venesection next week,then back in 3mths time.What things should I take heed of when travelling? Should I get flight socks?

Am on aspirin 75mg & was told i'm boarderline as my hb was 118 ( think thats right) white cells platelets all fine. Any advice re flying & boarderline question greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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I am PV for the last 5 years and on blood thinners and Hydroxycarbamide. I travel to New Zealand every second year, I do start off with good intentions of wearing my flight socks but I normally rip them off before I get halfway, But I would say the most important thing to get organised is a Health Travel Insurance and be completely honest by declaring every medical symptom you have, don't leave anything out. I use Staysure and they are extremely good. The USA is very expensive for their medical treatment. Hope this helps and have a good holiday. June


Hi Kev, as per the advice from Bordeauxgirl, make sure you have travel insurance and declare your PV. You will need to check with your haematologist before going on a long haul flight, he/she will check your blood counts and give you advice on whether or not you may need to have a venesection prior to travel, and what to do about any medication, i.e. your aspirin, and whether or not you should wear flight socks. Make sure you stay well hydrated when you are on the plane and move around as much as you can.

Have a look at the travel advice on our website

Best wishes, Maz

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