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living abroad

I am 58 have pv diagnosed last year. I am considering living in Spain for 2 to 3 month periods.

I dont want to break my links with the UK because of my medical condition. I get my tablets in monthly packs. I heard Hydrox tablets have a short shelf life. Does anybodyknow anything about this. Could i get 3 months tablets and take them abroad. I dont want to break my link with the consultant haematologist who i see every 2 or 3 months. Is anybody living abroad does anybody have any advice.

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Hi Pedders I too would love to live part time abroad and would be very interested in any advice you receive. I have always dreamt when I retire (in 6 years) that I would like to spend 3 months at a time abroad or maybe even longer, but my diagnosis of ET last year has sort of clouded that and like you I really don't know what my options would be. I am on Hydroxy daily.

Best wishes



Hi Pedders and Mallard...

I am British and moved abroad 13 years ago with most of that time in Southern France. I was diagnosed and treated in France for ET and I can confirm the French national health service is just as good as, if not better than the UK. I have a great Hemo who speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable, there are no waiting lists and the hospitals are in great order with good equipment.

I have also lived in Russia, Turkmenistan, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore and Belgium. There are obviously countries in that list which do not have good medical facilities so my advice to you is check the country to which you want to spend some time, talk to someone who has been there before and knows the health system, go to websites like and read about the health services and how they work.

You need to check the administration side as well as the medical side. For example in France you pay in advance and then reclaim 80% of the bill from the state (if you are a French resident), you then need insurance to pay the remaining 20%. If you are just visiting Europe for a short period (months) then use the E111 form. You can google E111 and read all about it.

I would happily live anywhere in Western Europe and use health services there. Just do a little homework and you will be fine, dont let an MPD ruin your dreams. Get out there and do what you want and soon as you can!


sorry Alired wrong name


thats very helpfull, cheers mallard.


I have been going for three months abroad and my haematologist knows that and is happy for me to do that. I come back to UK to see my haematologist and get my Hydrox. supply and go back abroad. If I have to stay for longer in UK for my ET test or whatever needed I stay, then ever Heam. gives me green light I go abroad, and so on.


do you take 3 months hydrox with you?


Thank you all for your very informative comments, the dream is back on :) best wishes Mallard


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